Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thank you IRS tax return!!

This little baby has come to our home to live. We will name her, love her and try to give her everything she needs - she's going to be getting lots of attention!! I feel the urge to wash a dish or two!! Thank you IRS tax return!

Rich is pedaling everywhere nowadays! He appreciates his muscles, a good seat, pant clips and pedals....He's developing quite a good relationship with his refund reward!! Thank you IRS tax return!!

Any guesses on where the rest of the $$ is going?? Thank you IRS tax return!

So much for the trip to Jamaica, new clothes or a jewelry....I'm just grateful that we didn't have to pay this year!!

1 comment:

J&&K said...

haha lucky ours went to credit cards. :P I think you should name it (oh im sorry her) momma2 or ella vayter.. haha :]