Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Things to be excited about....

They did it!!

Paul & Jessica got married!

Mother's Day 2009 will be remembered for the day that Paul and Jess decided to become a family!! Yippee!!!!!!

We had a great time celebrating with them .... family, food and fun!! Thanks for making her part of the family, Paulie! We love you both!

Other random exciting things....

  • vacation planning - 7 states, 4,200 miles, and two very lucky people! Maybe we'll try eating ice cream in every state again!
  • summer projects - cleaning, organizing, reading, walking - be still my heart!
  • family reunions - Tucson, Idaho, and Montana (wahoo!)
  • marriage classes - thoughtful, funny, and well worth it!
  • movie madness - summer adventures on the big screen, popcorn and a big soda - that's escapism at its best!
First day of summer . . . . . .



J&&K said...

yeah because eating ice cream in every state worked out SO WELL last time around! :]

J&&K said...

you obviously havent tried this yogurt