Saturday, May 9, 2009

Morning Walks

I am finally getting back to walking. I realize once I am out and going how much I enjoy my walks. I've missed them. Walking with friends, walking solo, walking with an audio book - it's just time uncommitted and it suits me just fine! A bit more than a year ago I was prepping for a marathon and I was going to walk it all. I had dreamed about being a runner but I realized that I just didn't have the chutzpah to do it. I read books, practiced, talked with others...I still hated it. My knees hurt, my lungs hurt, my body hurt. I finally came to grips with the fact that I am not a teenager or athletic. I stopped fighting it! I decided it was okay to just walk!! It may not be as trendy as running but walking suits me.

Remember this... I am NOT a morning person! My mom must have ordered a nocturnal daughter, but overtime I think I am realizing what I had been missing while I slept. I may be converting! The morning is awesome!! Now, I hate parting with the pillow as much as anyone else but I was determined to get back to walking! Walks started at about 5 am this week. It is still cool, a time before the "furnace" of heat starts baking the day. I like walking at daybreak best. The sounds are different from the sounds of full daylight, the smell of the neighborhood --- orange blossoms and dryer vents on weekdays and bacon on Saturdays!! I hate wearing a hat and I don't wear sunglasses so I like walking in the morning when it's still shady. I love the tilt of the light! Although I walk through the neighborhood on weekdays I like to venture out on new explorations on Saturdays. Walking the canal for 13 miles was more interesting than it sounds.... I've discovered a neighborhood full of peacocks....walked historic Mesa and found the Park of the Canals. But this morning I stayed close by ....

I love the resilience of wildflowers and weeds.... they bloom anywhere!! I need to learn a lesson about endurance, working with what you have and just sucking it up!!

Lantana makes me smile.

Look at what I discovered as I rounded the corner of the park this morning! The TP fairies were hard at work last night. It all fluttered in the breeze and I laughed outloud. I must admit though that I was SO glad it wasn't my house that had TP on the cactus!! It's not fun to clean up. Been there, done that!

There's something so cool about wet footprints. In this heat they're gone in a flash. I bet there's something philosophical to say about that.

And Steven Wright says it best.... "Anyplace is walking distance, if you have the time."

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