Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving Hangover

Not fun but....

I had a fantabulous Thanksgiving,
my lesson plans were complete for the week,
I slept all day,
I didn't even worry about my school kiddos,
I have a cell phone to play Pandora music to me all day long while I lay abed,
I don't have to worry about dinner,
I have plenty of books to read...
if only I felt good enough to read!
Gosh, it must be a Thanksgiving hangover!

Here's to tomorrow!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Oh no, say it ain't so....

They're coming.... the holidays!!! I went to the first of many Holiday Boutiques yesterday to support a friend. What beautiful workmanship of many hands. Annie's work is so understated and beautiful. It was fun to see her on display. I'm starting my Christmas shopping lists. Yikes. This time of year is a real balance of school, family, projects, shopping and the inevitable report cards. How can time fly so fast when there's so much to be done? I really want just a day to sit and read, watch a football game, go to a movie.... count my blessings! Can it be that I am going to participate in a blogger activity?? I am really going to put myself out there and do something more than just read and comment on posts! Yeah me! I just signed up for the Book Blogger Holiday Swap . (On another note, it is my tacit way of saying that the holidays are indeed approaching. I must come out of my denial phase!) I am actually excited to participate and extend some hands of friendship through these invisible force fields!!! Thanks, Book Nut for peaking my interest and encouraging us!
On the book front I finished Willow by Carolyn Brown this weekend. I guess this was just now the book for me. I realized that about page 3 but I blame the "clean you plate" attitude I get at times and I just kept reading. I amazed myself that I kept at it. Guess I was thinking about all those "starving people in China" as I read. This book really needed an editor!! It was full of awkward sentences, time period adjustments and noun/verb agreements. But I think my biggest pet peeve was a 44 word sentence!! After a slew of "gunshot" sentences that were short on words and meat, this particular sentence rambled on and on. I think I read it over and over just to marvel at it. I am hoping to fall into the next book and find that it is the perfect fit for me. Life is too short for anything less....