Sunday, December 30, 2012

Action Packed Holidays - Or Where Have I Been for the Last Month!

Oh blogging and blogging friends - I have missed you. I have missed the purposeful thinking that blogging creates when I post. I have missed reading your blogs and seeing what's cooking in your lives and at your casas.

So, what the heck happened?!?!?
How did I lose the whole month of December?

Need I say more?!?!
 I couldn't believe it. It was another murder trial. I must look like a juror to some. It's as regular as clockwork at this house. Every 18 months and I get called again. 

My computer bit the dust and was out of commission....argh! Boy, did that put a hitch in my get-a-long. Thank you, Mr. Insideabook for bringing "Dell"a the Desktop back to life. I really missed this ol' girl.

A HUGE observation for work hit at the beginning of December and every minute of my life went into that!! It really cramped my bloggin mojo but it was for a good job! I did just what I was supposed to do and just kept teaching. Yep, the stars all aligned in heaven and it went fantastically. Whew....
Add Testing + Grades + Holidays and more == December; a wild month for all of us!

I played nurse for mom again after knee replacement. Just a few days off work but serving her feels like such a blessing. And, the patient is doing so well, thank you. She's amazing.

Recitals, Parties, Traditions, Shopping, Christmas all is well, computer fixed, School is a memory for another week (I am loving the sleeping in and reading part!) Christmas was a family-filled success and we are still counting our blessings.

PLUS...look what Santa and my family brought me....

Yep...A Team of Rivals even arrived twice. Lucky me, I took one copy back to my favorite book store and promptly got store credit. Any recommends on what I should buy with my credit?!?!? 
I am searching for recommends! What's your 'must read' of this year that I might have missed?

I got to babysit little Tinsley this week. She heartily approved of me reading to her so I finally finished Mr. Churchill's Secretary. She and I both thoroughly enjoyed it. Little Tinsley just didn't see some of the twists coming. Can't you tell?!?

 This little bug is growing so fast... Only 10# still and she really can't sit up yet but I was dying to put her in my great grandma's rocking chair. 5 Generations of readers have listened to stories in this chair!!

I intend to try to catch up with life and enjoy every remaining minute of 2012 and the New Year, 2013. I can't let memories slip through my fingers like they almost did...I'm grateful for a place to record and share via this blog...I'm grateful for good friends, good books, good food, good fun, a good job and great blessings. 

Off to read and catch up with everyone now. 
Yep, all is almost right with the world....