Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Accept No Responsibility For My Actions....

I fell into the computer tonight. I sat down to clean the desk off, to ready myself for tomorrow. I sat down to do pay some bills, check my know?!?!? Then I thought I'd just check on a few things...a daughter in law, a son, a friend..... (to be quite honest, I really dislike most of Facebook - but it's the only way to stay in touch with some of my family. Does that make it a necessary evil?!?!) But, I was just being a good friend, a good mom, a good aunt, a good ....

I was only sitting down at the computer for a few minutes...I swear...I know it was only a few minutes, but I was listening to one of the best Christmas presents -Pandora One radio (Thank you, Q!!!) and the next song was great so I had to listen, then the next one was perfect so I had to listen to it too, finally my favorite came on so I had to listen and this time I had to sing. Well, I guess you know my story. I just have no self discipline. (Hanging head in shame!)

Finally I blame all my friends who have blogs. Yes, you! I checked on all of you tonight. I was only being a good friend, right? Dag-nab-it, those of you who have so many interesting things to write about, books you've read, and so many great ideas.

So it really wasn't my fault was it? Good, now I feel better. I was only doing my duty, I was being a good friend!

There, I feel better now!
(Not really, but tomorrow I'll try harder...wait, my other favorite song just came on.)

Monday, January 24, 2011

I made a list

I made a list today.
A list of everything I needed to do when I sat down to the computer.
It was going to keep me on track.
It was going to keep me focused.
It was going to pare down my list of 'need-to-do's'
& 'must-do's'.
It was going to limit my time on the computer and help me actually find time to READ.
I made a list today.
I looked at it.
It worked - sorta!

Then why is it 10:45?? Oops...

Tomorrow my list better say, "Go to bed!"

Now, where did I put my book?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cereal for Dinner

Ever had one of those days?!?!
One of those days when you can't even fit another thing in.... except cereal for's been one of those days of too much to do and too little time, a day when nothing but cereal sounds remotely's one of those days when the comfort of a bowl and a spoon sound just fine. It's such a busy day and night....where oh where did my three day weekend go? You were so lovely! I guess I'll just have cereal for dinner.

I wonder what's the perfect book to read with a bowl of cereal??

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Thoughts

What a great brain (and head) hurt too much to do much more tonight. I also just thought this was a great idea to chronicle my day. (Thanks Suey at All About Books this was fun!)

Outside my window…'s DARK...but it was a perfectly beautiful day!! Sunny, clear and cool. Arizona in January usually is picture perfect.Are you jealous??

I am listening to…..Pandora - My Canadian Tenors station! Right now they are playing The Prayer as sung by Celine Dion and Josh Groban!! Yumm

I am thinking...that I might have a book addiction! Get off the computer and read, young lady!

I am grateful for....Financial Peace University and the peace that has come into our lives since we took the course! I am grateful that Rich and I are on the same page and have the same direction. Truly, it brings peace!! (Oh, and I am also grateful for all the Ibuprofen I took today!)

I am reading.....The Rembrandt Affair by Daniel Silva. What a great craftsman he is!!

I am white board in my classroom. It's a great thing to do each night before I go home. I keep it on my Droid phone and the next day I can start from where I left off.

I am listing..... all the things on my to-do list for the week. Instead of letting it keep me up at night!

I am creating…..a cute pink hat for Gracie!

On my iTunes from a sweet friend.

To live my faith...I am trying to live like the Savior. My motto for the year is "Be Happy!"

I am hoping and praying….. for the shooting victims down the road in my old stomping grounds of Tucson. I am praying for tolerance and softened hearts.

Around the house…..the Christmas decorations are down!!

From the kitchen...I need to come up with a plan for dinner tomorrow night that is low in calories for several dieters who are coming to dinner (including me!)

One of my favorite things..... is watching football! Tomorrow night is the BCS Bowl across town in Glendale. Wahoo! Go Oregon! (Ya gotta support the Pac10 even though I sure like the way Auburn's quarterback can throw that ball! It will be weird to cheer for a team I cheer against when they usually come to town!) I also was able to watch some of the NFL Wild Card games this weekend. I am one happy football chicka!

The children this week....are getting ready to be so busy with their own lives. My second son, Paul, leaves for Officer Candidate School this week. How proud we are of him and how we'll miss him!! #3 son, Drew, is doing well going into week 5 at Air Force Basic Training. I am one proud mama!! The rest of the kiddos are safe, sound, and more than busy!!

A few plans for the rest of the week…'s Conference week at school!! Long days but I have set up each student so they can conduct their own Student-led conference with PowerPoint presentations. Hopefully all will go well, then we have a long weekend AND then it's birthday weekend for me!! Party on!

On this 2008 I got an iPod and was learning how to use how things have changed yet stayed the same (I'm still not real good with all the iPod stuff but I am a champ at the SmartBoard!!) In 2009 I must have been so busy that I skipped blogging for a whole month. Last year, 2010, I finished and then blogged about June Bug.

With the exception of seeing me in my jammies, this is a pretty good nutshell of what's happening en mi casa!!