Monday, January 24, 2011

I made a list

I made a list today.
A list of everything I needed to do when I sat down to the computer.
It was going to keep me on track.
It was going to keep me focused.
It was going to pare down my list of 'need-to-do's'
& 'must-do's'.
It was going to limit my time on the computer and help me actually find time to READ.
I made a list today.
I looked at it.
It worked - sorta!

Then why is it 10:45?? Oops...

Tomorrow my list better say, "Go to bed!"

Now, where did I put my book?


Jenn said...

Ha! I made a list, too. It didn't get done. Instead I read facebook, cleaned a toilet that looked like death warmed over YUCK! Seeing the mess that one boy can make, I have to believe if you were Catholic they would have sainted you for raising four boys. Then I took a few more items off the tree, and watched tv. I didn't finish lesson plans, oops. Or send in my book order, or take down the actual tree, or do the last two loads of laundry. Hm. for that's all for another day I guess. :)

Suey said...

Sounds very familiar!

Susan said...

So how many lists do you have around your house? I have many....some stuck to the fridge, some in my journal, some by the computer. I try to not make so many unless i really need to, because not crossing things off is making me a little depressed now! lol I'd like to think I'm accomplishing something.

So long as you get to read, that's what counts!

Inside A Book said...

Jenn, You're too funny!! Rich says that the deal is that if you have more than one boy they can tattle on each other. That really helps in raising them!!!

Suey, I think my life is a series of lists. Now I need to have a list of my lists....I'm thinking a white board on my wall in the office to post them too. Hmmm.

Susan, thanks for dropping by. I feel like you do. Sometimes I want to write something down just so I can cross it off!!