Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Salon & A Gender Reveal Party!

Sunday Salon & A Gender Reveal Party

School's out for summer.... (You can rock it Alice Cooper!)
I am breathing just a little easier. YEAH!!!
My mom had knee surgery though so I am back and forth from here to Tucson for a week or so to do some nursing. What a great chance to help this incredible mom I have. 
I am home again until tomorrow but until I'm off I bring you the Sunday Salon AND a first for me....
A Gender Reveal Party!!

Outside my window....It's dusk, cool and quiet. WOW! The high was only 89 again today. I could seriously get used to this weather. We're watering our grass every 2 hours to get the re-seed to take again and the backyard feels like an oasis. (Remind me of that when the bill comes - $$$)

I am listening to...the clicks of computer keyboards, small-fry chatter, and the quiet of the evening. It really is peaceful. It feels like a holiday weekend.

Favorite things from this week....Last day of school, Book Group (where we discussed The Book Thief), seeing The Avengers with J&K and enjoying popcorn for dinner, lunch with my teacher buddies, a packed classroom and a report that we made our grade level writing goals!!!

I am thinking...about how grateful I am for this land of the free because of the brave! Thank you to those who defend and protect us, for those who selflessly sacrifice on my behalf. I am thinking of my Air Force son and his willingness to serve. Thank you Drewboy!

I am grateful for...hospitals, nurses and doctors who cared for my mom so well. I am grateful for her health and how she is able to walk on this new knee so quickly. That just amazes me. I am grateful for a little grandson who came in and swallowed me in a huge hug and told me he missed me. I am grateful for a safe trip to Tucson in a giant windstorm. I am grateful to be released from going on the trek!!!!!!!! No more needs to be said. I am grateful!

I am reading...What Alice Forgot, The Horn Book magazine, and The House at Tyneford (yum!) So many good ones are on the waiting pile - -LOVE IT! I will take 3-4 in my bag with me when I leave tomorrow - who needs clothes!!

I am listing...NOTHING! And it feels great!

I am creating ....piles of things to pack.

Plans for the week....Read, rest, repeat. (Oh yeah, that's my mom's job!) I will be her nurse, cook, housekeeper, chauffeur, laundress and all around slave! Of course I know I will find time to read on her beautiful back porch high in the foothills. I hope the wild critters will come and keep me company and stay on their side of the wall! On Saturday Rich will come down to pick me up and we will attend our neice's wedding and return home. The week sounds full.

We attended our first Gender Reveal Party this weekend...

J&K are having a....

J's SILs had the sealed envelope from J's doctor and waited until the perfect time to let J&K know what their little bundle will be. It was a fun get-together that was all about family, surprises, food and fun!! What will this new little one be?!?!? 

I loved this little verse....
Some of us couldn't commit!!
Mommy and Daddy had to bite into a cupcake to check for secret messages.....
When the cupcakes didn't reveal the secret, they opened this box...FULL of pink and blue balloons!! They had to pop the balloons to reveal the news.

IT'S GOING TO BE A GIRL!! (If all goes as the ultrasound revealed!)
What a fun idea! What a fun party! What fantastic news...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunday Salon - or How I Avoid Doing Report Cards

I hate looming deadlines...
So here I sit in front of the my computer with work scattered all around and I STILL avoid doing report cards!!!
I have given every excuse in the book.
I have even stooped to asking (bribing) others to help me.
No go.
They are not as gullible as I am.

So....with the due date of Monday (yes, this Monday) I STILL sit here and avoid doing report cards...

On that fine note, I bring you my version of my Sunday Salon - Report Card Style

Outside my window .... Dark. We spent part of the evening at a local park enjoying a picnic and the weather was just about perfect! A+

I am listening to.... the sounds of the Air Conditioner turning on. I love that air conditioner. A+

Favorite things from this week.... talking to my kiddos on Mother's Day, walking miles and miles with Rich, cooking dinner for Jennie, 2 wedding receptions, reunions and hugs from great friends. A+

I am thinking ....about how to help my students finish their PowerPoint presentations. Yikes. I think that I have bitten off more than I can chew. F

I am grateful extended hours at our local libraries!! (Yeah librarians!! ) I am also grateful for gift cards. Who would have thought that?!?!? Like, duh!?! A+

I am reading ....Book Thief and What Alice Forgot. Hmmm...the backs of my eyelids too! A+

I am listing ....The infamous check-out list for school. I passionately love it AND hate it. C

I am creating ... class awards, autograph books, PowerPoint tutorials. C

Plans for the week ....My plan is to just make it through the next 4 days....Sounds like a great plan, if I do say so myself! Book Groups is on the last day of school and this group of teachers will talk about The Book Thief and celebrate another year ending. Then I am off to Tucson to be nurse for my mom after her knee surgery and then I MUST get ready for the trek. Do you think I can find some time to read?!?!?! I sure hope so. A+

Now, I've done it, I've wasted another perfectly good 30 minutes avoiding report cards....yep, thank you blogging, for helping me get my priorities straight!!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Salon - Mother's Day

Outside my window ....It's going to be a warm one. Can the sky look that way?!?!Yes! (Of course I won't tell you that it's all the weather people have been talking about. That would destroy your opinion of me as a weather-djinni!!)

I am listening to.... Sunday morning silence!! (Oh, and the cat PLEADING for me to feed him. He sure knows how to ruin total silence.)

Favorite things from this week....RAIN!!! It was amazing opening my classroom door and walking out into a building monsoon. L.O.V.E. it!! Thunder, lightning and a lot of rain is wonderful. I think I did the happy dance right there in the parking lot. Of course that was the same night as Book Group. So you see I just pile all the fun things into one 24 hour period. I  Love Book Group.We read Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichel and the talk (at a local restaurant) was delicious! This week also featured a geocaching class for Math, seeing the Hunger Games and another wedding to attend. I think we are getting to be professionals at this!

I am thinking .... about magic. Wishing I could wiggle my nose and have the little messes around here all cleaned up. Very magical-like but doesn't every mother wish this on Mother's Day (and every other day?!?!) I would have the magic take care of it all!

I am grateful for... Mother's Day and the great blessing I have in an awesome mom. She's terrific. I actually have been blessed with so many wonderful women in my life to lead the way and be examples for me. Thanks!

I am reading ....Magical Mischief by Anna Dale, What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarity and 11/22/63 by Stephen King. I am also ready to re-read The Book Thief for my other book group. Wahoo. Book love.

I am listing .... The same things I listed last week only with more intensity!!! Grading writing folders is a MUST. 

I am creating ....Gift bags for the young single women at church. Rich and I work with the 18-30 year old singles and we wanted to honor womanhood today. We put together little bags of Bath and BodyWorks lotion and some Ghiradelli chocolates. Little Jase was my helper as we sorted, stuffed and tied. They look wonderful.

Plans for the week ....2 wedding receptions (I know - we're going broke here, but enjoying the celebrations!) Lots of year-end prep at school, grading, and prepping for the trek. Yikes!! There's something almost every night again this week. Gotta love this "Merry month of May!"


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday Salon - Scenes from a Week!

Wow, It's been a BUSY week around this casa.
Outside my window... bright blue and sunny. I enjoy the peace of a Sunday chaos, no clammering, just still and quiet. 

I am listening to.... the thrum of the old desk top computer, the ticking of the office clock and the whir of the fan. Isn't it interesting how 'quiet' still has a distinct sound?!?!

Favorite things from this week....well that's easy!  I'll let some photos do the talking...

We finished Fablehaven in our class. These aren't all the vocabulary words we selected but it's gives an idea. The kiddos LOVED it. I am astounded at how much we learned, the non-fiction extensions we were able to do and how the learning just sky-rocketed! A.W.E.S.O.M.E. 
We started our Saturday morning with a bagpipe processional and flames.... Yep, it's a traditional ASU Graduation.( I had never been to a graduation where they sell nachos.) It really was totally and amazingly awesome.
They did it...father and son!! I'm so proud of you, Q. What a way to celebrate a birthday AND graduation -  - - - - - - - - He graduated Cum Laude!
Look, Dad, I'm a graduate too! (He's practicing already!! - LOVE it!)
Reading didn't happen to often this week, but when it did, this kitty-boy was my reading companion. He especially enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars because I sat the longest!!!

These doodle-bugs are so much fun together. I L.O.V.E. them.

I am thinking ....about wasted moments versus just sitting and thinking, about impulsivity versus spontaneity, about a long list of things I'm avoiding and how I will regret it later!! Did you know I found out yesterday that there are only 14 days left of school!!!!!! No way?!?! How can I, the teacher, NOT know that?!?! I guess I have been caught up in some deep thinking.

I am grateful that supports each other, meeting new friends, connecting with old ones, books that make you think, time to wander and mull, a daughter who asked for help with a huge project, a much needed day off, the chance to teach the same grade again - wahoo, book groups and Rich! He was my field trip helper for my class this week, he helps me at every turn and tries to make my life so much easier. He's amazing. I am one lucky bug!

I am reading .... Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichel for book group this week. I finished Poison Flower and The Fault in Our Stars - how I love to get wrapped up in a story!!  The library had a bunch of my requests come in this week so I have lots waiting in the wings as well....11/22/63, Viral, Where Lilacs Still Bloom, What Alice Forgot, Magical Mischief, Left for Dead, The Innocent, Breadcrumbs, The Reading Promise, Island of the Aunts, The Star of Kazan, and The Silent Governess - whoa, Nelly. I guess it's a good thing that there's only 14 more days left of school. I've got a lot waiting here for me. Isn't it cool?!?!

I am listing ...A day's agenda. Checking off items I've actually done. Supplies for next year. Money I spent this celebratory weekend....

I am creating .... dessert for a church meal today, desserts for a friend's retirement party this week, and outfits from thrift store finds. Who says I have to be crafty?!?

Plans for the week .... Writing assessments and grades, DIBELs testing - you can do it 4th graders!, Geocaching class for teaching Math, dinner guests, dutch oven cooking, staff meeting and book group, retirement party, another wedding (#2 of 4 for this month), Mother's Day wishes for my mom and MIL, cleaning the class and maybe the chance to sneak in some time to watch a movie with real popcorn!!

Oh be still my heart...I still have a whole day left. Yippee. Here's hoping your day is filled with plenty of time to do what you want!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Poison Flower

Thomas Perry is such a gentleman.
(I've met him several times so I know it's true!)
 I don't know where in his gentlemanly mind he finds such despicable people to write about. 
But he does.
All except Jane Whitefield.
She's a "guide", one who helps people who are in trouble and danger to disappear.
She does it without technology, below the radar, and for no money.
Poison Flower features Jane Whitehead.
It features her fight.
It's her book.
She wins!