Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Salon & A Gender Reveal Party!

Sunday Salon & A Gender Reveal Party

School's out for summer.... (You can rock it Alice Cooper!)
I am breathing just a little easier. YEAH!!!
My mom had knee surgery though so I am back and forth from here to Tucson for a week or so to do some nursing. What a great chance to help this incredible mom I have. 
I am home again until tomorrow but until I'm off I bring you the Sunday Salon AND a first for me....
A Gender Reveal Party!!

Outside my window....It's dusk, cool and quiet. WOW! The high was only 89 again today. I could seriously get used to this weather. We're watering our grass every 2 hours to get the re-seed to take again and the backyard feels like an oasis. (Remind me of that when the bill comes - $$$)

I am listening to...the clicks of computer keyboards, small-fry chatter, and the quiet of the evening. It really is peaceful. It feels like a holiday weekend.

Favorite things from this week....Last day of school, Book Group (where we discussed The Book Thief), seeing The Avengers with J&K and enjoying popcorn for dinner, lunch with my teacher buddies, a packed classroom and a report that we made our grade level writing goals!!!

I am thinking...about how grateful I am for this land of the free because of the brave! Thank you to those who defend and protect us, for those who selflessly sacrifice on my behalf. I am thinking of my Air Force son and his willingness to serve. Thank you Drewboy!

I am grateful for...hospitals, nurses and doctors who cared for my mom so well. I am grateful for her health and how she is able to walk on this new knee so quickly. That just amazes me. I am grateful for a little grandson who came in and swallowed me in a huge hug and told me he missed me. I am grateful for a safe trip to Tucson in a giant windstorm. I am grateful to be released from going on the trek!!!!!!!! No more needs to be said. I am grateful!

I am reading...What Alice Forgot, The Horn Book magazine, and The House at Tyneford (yum!) So many good ones are on the waiting pile - -LOVE IT! I will take 3-4 in my bag with me when I leave tomorrow - who needs clothes!!

I am listing...NOTHING! And it feels great!

I am creating ....piles of things to pack.

Plans for the week....Read, rest, repeat. (Oh yeah, that's my mom's job!) I will be her nurse, cook, housekeeper, chauffeur, laundress and all around slave! Of course I know I will find time to read on her beautiful back porch high in the foothills. I hope the wild critters will come and keep me company and stay on their side of the wall! On Saturday Rich will come down to pick me up and we will attend our neice's wedding and return home. The week sounds full.

We attended our first Gender Reveal Party this weekend...

J&K are having a....

J's SILs had the sealed envelope from J's doctor and waited until the perfect time to let J&K know what their little bundle will be. It was a fun get-together that was all about family, surprises, food and fun!! What will this new little one be?!?!? 

I loved this little verse....
Some of us couldn't commit!!
Mommy and Daddy had to bite into a cupcake to check for secret messages.....
When the cupcakes didn't reveal the secret, they opened this box...FULL of pink and blue balloons!! They had to pop the balloons to reveal the news.

IT'S GOING TO BE A GIRL!! (If all goes as the ultrasound revealed!)
What a fun idea! What a fun party! What fantastic news...


Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Oh my gosh - LOVE The Baby reveal party!!!! How fun!

melissa @ 1lbr said...

Cute party! I enjoyed that nice weather...while it lasted :)

Susan said...

Cute party, really! love the photos too.