Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunday Salon - or How I Avoid Doing Report Cards

I hate looming deadlines...
So here I sit in front of the my computer with work scattered all around and I STILL avoid doing report cards!!!
I have given every excuse in the book.
I have even stooped to asking (bribing) others to help me.
No go.
They are not as gullible as I am.

So....with the due date of Monday (yes, this Monday) I STILL sit here and avoid doing report cards...

On that fine note, I bring you my version of my Sunday Salon - Report Card Style

Outside my window .... Dark. We spent part of the evening at a local park enjoying a picnic and the weather was just about perfect! A+

I am listening to.... the sounds of the Air Conditioner turning on. I love that air conditioner. A+

Favorite things from this week.... talking to my kiddos on Mother's Day, walking miles and miles with Rich, cooking dinner for Jennie, 2 wedding receptions, reunions and hugs from great friends. A+

I am thinking ....about how to help my students finish their PowerPoint presentations. Yikes. I think that I have bitten off more than I can chew. F

I am grateful extended hours at our local libraries!! (Yeah librarians!! ) I am also grateful for gift cards. Who would have thought that?!?!? Like, duh!?! A+

I am reading ....Book Thief and What Alice Forgot. Hmmm...the backs of my eyelids too! A+

I am listing ....The infamous check-out list for school. I passionately love it AND hate it. C

I am creating ... class awards, autograph books, PowerPoint tutorials. C

Plans for the week ....My plan is to just make it through the next 4 days....Sounds like a great plan, if I do say so myself! Book Groups is on the last day of school and this group of teachers will talk about The Book Thief and celebrate another year ending. Then I am off to Tucson to be nurse for my mom after her knee surgery and then I MUST get ready for the trek. Do you think I can find some time to read?!?!?! I sure hope so. A+

Now, I've done it, I've wasted another perfectly good 30 minutes avoiding report cards....yep, thank you blogging, for helping me get my priorities straight!!!


Suey said...

I see lots of A+'s! That's awesome actually. Trek? And I think going to girls camp will be hard!

Jenners said...

You're reading two excellent books. And I'm a big fan of air conditioners too!! I would be a miserable person in the summer without them!