Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Salon

Listening - to the whir of the fan. Yepper-di-deppers folks, it hit 100 degrees here at 1:15 pm today. I love my fans!!

Eating - Saturday morning bagels with my honey, lunch with friends in Scottsdale (next time I am definitely getting the blueberry pancakes no matter what!) and wedding reception foods that night. Saturday was like a smorgasbord of foods. Today we just had C.O.R.N. (clean-out-refrigerator-night.) It was definitely interesting!!

Reading - The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan with my Walk to Read kiddos (these 40+ kids have never been so excited as this to have started our Greek Mythology study!) I am also reading The Trouble With Tuck by Theodore Taylor with my regular class. Jerusalem Maiden by Talia Carner is the next book group book and there are three other books on my nightstand! Love it.

Feeling - Sleepy. Enuf said.

Watching - Jack the Giant Slayer at the cheap theater Friday night. It was better than I expected. Certainly worthy of the movie treats we bought. 

Wanting - I really want to see 42 but Rich wants to see Oblivion. Good thing it's my turn to choose the next date night. 

Thinking -  The last few days of school will whiz by. Our superintendent wrote a newsletter to our district about "The 90 Days of May" which made me laugh. It does NOT feel like 90 days to me, it whizzes by too fast but I do have 90 things to do in those quickly fleeing days. Get your big-girl panties it comes.

Random Coolness -


The joy of spoons, cups and noise!! It is definitely the simple things in life that make us smile.

Have a great week.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Salon

 AIMS (High Stakes Standardized) Testing is DONE!!

Maybe I can have a life again?!?!
Not so fast chica...
Did you forget that it's the end of the year??

Too many things to mention ...
But I am still smiling. 
I can put the whole end of the school year on one calendar...

My life was on more than hold when I developed a bad back. That was HORRIBLE. I have no other words for it. I have such empathy for those who struggle with this hidden pain. 
Oh my golly gosh.
 It was exquisite.

BUT now I am getting better...I can see the light...

EATING ---- I have discovered white Chocolate Peanut Butter. 
That stuff is delish. 
And addicting.

READING ---- Maisie Dobbs was fantastic. The author built such a sense of time and place. I was always ready to go wherever the author took me. I know I'm coming late to the show...I think the author has 10 books out now. Isn't that cool?!? I have more guaranteed winners waiting in the wings. 
            Great By Choice by Jim Collins is an interesting read that my Superintendent recommended I read. Not far into it yet though...
           I'm ready for another book that will grip me and not let me go.

              My mom's 80th birthday - let the planning begin.
              The week's calendar - there are some BUSY days!!
              A new job opportunity - interview and all. Yikes
              Book Group this week. :)
              Chiro Appointments....thank you, thank you!!
May your week be remarkable.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Salon - April Break


What a fabulous three days....
 Our district calls the first Friday of this month April Break - I call it AWESOME!
These are a few of my sights....

 Jenni got Kyle the WRONG size of swim trunks...they were tablecloth worthy!! Tinsley loves the backyard, I love those cheeks!! Tea parties with Jase are not to be missed.

I bet you think that all I do is sit in my tree-swing and watch the world go by...and you might be right!
But,I did manage to...
 catch bagels with Rich, take in the Tempe Festival of the Arts, birthday shop, take a kiddo to the doctor, pickup another one and celebrate a happy birthday, feed the masses, head to Tucson for kiddos' April birthdays, play with family, swim, laugh, and slather on sunscreen.
I hugged and kissed on all my little kiddos' cheeks and spoiled them like Oma's do.
Life was full!!

Today I sat in my leather chair. 
I feasted.
I heard from my #3 son that he is being deployed to a yet unnamed location, but he is strong and I must be too. 
I heard words of support. 
Life is full.

Today is quiet,
my heart is replete,
I feel blessed.

PS...American Wasteland is an amazing book!! Just an FYI.