Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Salon

 AIMS (High Stakes Standardized) Testing is DONE!!

Maybe I can have a life again?!?!
Not so fast chica...
Did you forget that it's the end of the year??

Too many things to mention ...
But I am still smiling. 
I can put the whole end of the school year on one calendar...

My life was on more than hold when I developed a bad back. That was HORRIBLE. I have no other words for it. I have such empathy for those who struggle with this hidden pain. 
Oh my golly gosh.
 It was exquisite.

BUT now I am getting better...I can see the light...

EATING ---- I have discovered white Chocolate Peanut Butter. 
That stuff is delish. 
And addicting.

READING ---- Maisie Dobbs was fantastic. The author built such a sense of time and place. I was always ready to go wherever the author took me. I know I'm coming late to the show...I think the author has 10 books out now. Isn't that cool?!? I have more guaranteed winners waiting in the wings. 
            Great By Choice by Jim Collins is an interesting read that my Superintendent recommended I read. Not far into it yet though...
           I'm ready for another book that will grip me and not let me go.

              My mom's 80th birthday - let the planning begin.
              The week's calendar - there are some BUSY days!!
              A new job opportunity - interview and all. Yikes
              Book Group this week. :)
              Chiro Appointments....thank you, thank you!!
May your week be remarkable.


Susan said...

Maisie Dobbs is fun, isn't she? I'm going on to book 3, I"m reading this series slowly. I just picked up two more in a book sale, though! Glad you are enjoying it so much. I like the feeling of being after WW1, there aren't a lot of mystery series set at that time.

Good luck in your job interview :-)
and sorry, so sorry to hear about your back. I've had back problems too, and hold my breath whenever I feel a twinge now. Take good care and don't push yourself while it heals.

Suey said...

Ah, I hope your back gets better soon! That sounds pretty awful, especially with your year end school craziness! Hang in there! :)