Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Salon - April Break


What a fabulous three days....
 Our district calls the first Friday of this month April Break - I call it AWESOME!
These are a few of my sights....

 Jenni got Kyle the WRONG size of swim trunks...they were tablecloth worthy!! Tinsley loves the backyard, I love those cheeks!! Tea parties with Jase are not to be missed.

I bet you think that all I do is sit in my tree-swing and watch the world go by...and you might be right!
But,I did manage to...
 catch bagels with Rich, take in the Tempe Festival of the Arts, birthday shop, take a kiddo to the doctor, pickup another one and celebrate a happy birthday, feed the masses, head to Tucson for kiddos' April birthdays, play with family, swim, laugh, and slather on sunscreen.
I hugged and kissed on all my little kiddos' cheeks and spoiled them like Oma's do.
Life was full!!

Today I sat in my leather chair. 
I feasted.
I heard from my #3 son that he is being deployed to a yet unnamed location, but he is strong and I must be too. 
I heard words of support. 
Life is full.

Today is quiet,
my heart is replete,
I feel blessed.

PS...American Wasteland is an amazing book!! Just an FYI.

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Susan said...

You sound like you are loving your full life, and this is a wonderful post to read. My thoughts go out to you and your son, what a scary time, and yet it was going to happen, so now it's the next step. I have two brothers-in-law who serve in the Army, so have been through this too. Take it one day at a time.