Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter


Listening - to a winding down evening. The tick of the clock, the click of the keys, the quiet voices of the family. Love it. It rings of peace.

Eating - It was just Rich and myself for Easter dinner but we seemed to snack away the evening. Argh. I did have celebratory Easter Ice cream after being sugar free for 3 weeks. What a treat. Now I am in sugar rush overload. Grins!

Reading - Maisie Dobbs and Of Human Bondage (on my iPad.) Both are excellent! I got three more books from the library this week too...I love it when those reserves come in. I was able to get a few titles recommended at our March Mystery Madness Book Group this week. I'm excited to be making time to read.

Feeling - Excited. 
1.Rich has had several interviews this past week and has yet another tomorrow morning. Yippee Yahooie! Fingers are crossed and Prayers are flying. 
2.We also have a three 3 1/2 day work week this week. A professional development meeting at district for me on Thursday and April Break on Friday. This will be a great week !
3. Tutoring is also over so I may finally get home before 5:30 each night. Wahoo.
4. Loved the Easter texting with my kiddos today. I am a dorky texter - it can make for some pretty funny messages when auto-correct takes over.
5. Tempe Festival of the Arts is this coming weekend - love that! A built in date with Rich for sure.

Watching - NCAA Basketball. My Wildcats gave it a good run but they're out. Too bad. So sad. But plenty of great basketball is still ahead. My heart goes out to Kevin Ware of Louisville though, may his leg heal and may he have plenty of BBall left in him! I also watched the Poisoned Pen Livestream today as I cooked Easter dinner. It was fun to listen to Dana Stabenow speak about her new book and show slides of Alaska as well as give a rundown of books. She's a pistol. It was awesome. Almost like being at the PPen for the event. Too cool.

Wanting - More willpower, to laugh more this week, to catch up with paperwork, and to get our taxes completed! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

Thinking -  that it's time for bed! 

Happy Easter!!