Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Small Damages

I spent part of my Spring Break in Spain....with Small Damages by Beth Kephart. I can not do this small book justice, but I will direct you to one you can. And did. Jill, at Rhaposody in Books reviewed it like a rockstar and with her words I took it on. Oh, it was a lovely way to spend some of my precious Spring Break.

Spain was more than a place in Small Damages. Spain is a character. Spain was a lover. Spain is now a place I need to go. I felt like I walked the streets of Seville, that I gazed out at the fields of maize and that I could feel the gritty dust on my teeth. Spain caressed me through this story.

Beth Kephart's writing was luscious. Oh my golly gosh. I don't think she used one set of quotations and this intimate way of communicating conversation was intoxicating. I keep a bookmark in each book that has places on it to write notes or favorite quotes. I think I had filled my bookmark up by page 19. I had to just step back and let the writing caress me. I think maybe I talk like this when I sleep....NOT. I only wish I did. Maybe I think like this! NOT. She plunked down random sentences in paragraphs that both surprised me  AND took my breath away.

Yippee...two great books for Spring Break. I'm on a roll.

Favorite quotes:
"When reading Hemingway watch the pronouns. They will tell you the story."  L.O.V.E. this. So true....

"When I open the door a nun blackbirds by and I keep walking out into the air, which smells like fruit and sun and the color blue; it smells like blue in Seville." Oh my golly gosh.

" ...who walks tilted forward, closer to the future than the rest of us."

"...he would photograph the fractions of things..."

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rhapsodyinbooks said...

Thanks for the kind words! Yes, she certainly made me want to spend time in Spain! I also liked that even though I didn't like Kenzie for a long time, I still was not driven to put aside the book!