Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Salon - March Madness!!

 By the time March comes around, my students are anticipating spring break (so am I) and warmer weather (me....well okay, at least Spring Break doesn't USUALLY mean snow for us) — not to mention the rapidly approaching end of the school year (Can we be in the count-down already?!?) Due to all of these distractors the students are really crazy!! Yep, in first grade we used to call it the Miracle of March (when all students somehow really learn to read) but in 4th grade we just call it March Madness!! To keep myself sane during this wild and wacky time I'm making lists.....

Work....Grades, contact a few parents, Tutoring, SmartBoard lessons, planning, Testing Prep, meetings, Take apart the data, Back up computer to the Z drive, Book Study notes (even at work I am leading a Book Group!!)

Itinerary....The Tucson Festival of the Book is this coming weekend!! We are plotting and planning and being totally frustrated that the event schedule is so hard to see on portable apps. Argh. I have a list of authors I do not want to miss!

Celebrations....birthday cards to two of my boys got mailed and received on their birthdays - no small feat!, Rich had an interview and has another tomorrow - go get 'em babe!, there's only one week left before Spring Break, we went walking (gosh exercise IS possible!), a phone call from #3 son, my friend's PET scan came back clean!!!, I cleaned the whole downstairs yesterday, I mended some things, mopped the floor and I'm still sugar-free for 2 weeks now, I discovered sugar-free Bahama Bucks...yum!

Books that were recommended this week...Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, Into the Darkest Corner by Elizabeth Haynes (already started and it's scary and intense...we'll see...)The Lost Summer of Louisa May Alcott by Kelly O'Connor McNees. I love good recommends.

Books I've been reading this week....The Marriage Bureau for Rich People (still), Into the Darkest Corner, Teach Like a Champion (again), and a few instruction manuals. Yes, I am that kind of girl.

General to-do items.... Life insurance quotes, groceries (it's not my week to cook but it IS my week to shop - - a good trade!)Pay bills, pray for 20-20-20-20 for Miss Em, email a friend who's getting married, email my mom MUCH more faithfully this week...I was a bum last week. My list goes on and on but you probably get the drift.

Search out...the perfect Bagel, a good new ethnic restaurant in Tucson, a gift for someone who has everything, and a nice pair of black boots for next fall.

Random....J and I are planning a Hawaiian vacation list - we'll get there someday, make an appointment to get my haircut, write a friend, laugh more tomorrow, sleep through the night....

Okay the lists are done, the dishwasher is going, my lunch is packed for the morning, the lights are off for the night and all is quiet in the I will go to work on that last one...sleeping through the night.

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