Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Salon

This is where I've sat all afternoon and evening...working on lesson plans and data.
I think my brain even forgot it was time to update the Sunday Salon.
So....better late than never.

Listening -- To the Oscars! What a blast! I love movies and now I'm craving popcorn. 

Eating -- Granola, Honey Greek Yogurt and too much bread. My weakness.

Loving -- Our wacky weather! From snow all across the valley, to a new weather word - - graupel!


 noun \ˈgra-pəl\

Definition of GRAUPEL

: granular snow pellets —called also soft hail

Origin of GRAUPEL

First Known Use: 1889

Reading-- The Marriage Bureau for Rich People by Farahad Zama, On A Blue Day by Daniel Tammet

Feeling -- 1. Grateful for weekends. I love them. 2. Excited about some upcoming job interviews for my better half!! Keeping my thoughts positive and my prayers going!

Thinking -- I wish I was an organized person. My classroom needs a revamp, my cupboards at home need a revamp. If someone would come and do it I will live with however you do it. I am just missing that piece of my brain! I will maintain it and keep it tidy if you just do the work! Any takers?!?!?

Wanting -- A haircut and color...a pedicure...a spa day. Mmmm. Keep wanting. 

This Week -- Meetings and teaching, I'm cook for the week, #3 Son's birthday all the way out in Biloxi, Mississippi, and nothing else. I am so excited that I can come home and nest each and every night and not have to go anywhere. I just may get all of my grades done :)

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Susan said...

I've been wondering what in the world "graupel" is. I'd never heard the word before Wednesday. But, how totally fun is it that we got snow (or graupel, whatever)? My whole windshield was covered with it -- I had more than enough for a little snowball fight with my kids!