Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday Salon - Super Bowl Style

Sunday Salon - Super Bowl Style!!

 Yep, many of you will curl up with your good book and shun the TV and football today. While I, little ol' me, will embrace it and celebrate the day--Super Bowl Sunday! I love that pigskin. Alas, I am pretty much alone in my fetish of the said football around here so I will lay out all of my munchies, chips and dips and sandwiches and cheer by myself --- and love it!! So...until the kickoff arrives I bring you...

Listening: silence. Everyone is gone and I am amazed at how quiet the house is. 

Eating:  On the menu....guacamole and salsa, nachos, spinach dip bread bowl, chips and french onion dip, shrimp cocktail (for my husband when he passes through to watch snippets of the game to support me and because he loves me!) sub sandwiches and lots of fruit! What the heck, I may whip up some cookies and haul out the chocolates - - depending on who's winning! A girl can only eat so much. (Seriously, J&K may join me once they return from K's weekly family dinner...they're supportive like that!)

Loving:   Having roommates! J&K are so easy to live with. And who wouldn't want to see this little bug everyday?!?! Little Tinsley is adorable!!

Reading: Same as last week....May B by Caroline Starr Rose (middle grade), Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer (for Book Group) and Beneath a Marble Sky by John Shors (for Book Group 2)...

Feeling: A bit worried. Shake it off....Trust! I know.

Thinking: About the memories of watching football with my dad. It was time I spent just wanting to sit with him. It was 'our' time. He taught me all about the game and it meant so much to me to have that in common with him. My dad received a football scholarship to play at the University of Texas and was the first person in his family to ever go to college. One of his best friends, growing up in his little tiny town ( we called him Uncle Don,) played college ball too and was always at our house when I was tiny. Uncle Don went on to play quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and I have fond memories of the players coming to parties at our home and seeing them all around town. My favorite Christmas was the one where there wasn't a present under the tree for me....imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang and it was my 'uncle' who brought over my very own football, signed by all the Cowboys players!! He took me down the street to teach me how to "really" throw and play that very morning!! I was the envy of EVERY boy (and girl!) Gosh I love thinking back about that!

Wanting:  A good diagnosis for my grand-kiddo!! Please! Please!
This Week: Rich and I are giving a presentation this Tuesday that is kind of a big deal. We are both so relaxed about it and that can be a dangerous thing! :) I have a big professional development week ahead for work too. I love l that, but it does mean I have a few days of sub plans to come up with. I don't like that so much. Finally on Saturday we are heading to Tucson and the Gem Show. Wahoo!


Jenners said...

Crossing my fingers for the diagnosis. What a cutie!

And I loved Moonwalking with Einstein -- really really interesting!

Suey said...

So... were you happy with the outcome of the big game?

Inside A Book said...

Suey - Yepper dee deppers!! The game was awesome.

Jenners - Thanks for the 'finger' help for our diagnosis prognosis...the appointment is scheduled for the 23rd of this month with the specialist. We are remaining positive....