Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Salon - Yeah for President's Day!!

Yeah for President's Day ... 
and the chance to breathe, relax and enjoy the blessings of the United States of America!!

Listening -- To Pandora. It's soft, quiet and a gentle rhythm for my Sunday afternoon. My son gave me a Pandora subscription again this year and I love it! I play a special station in my classroom, another after the students are gone and yet another on Sunday! I love it. Thanks, Q! 

Eating -- It was Jennie's week to cook and she treated me like a queen. I especially loved the little filet mignons that we had for Valentine's Day. Certainly cheaper than any restaurant AND we didn't have to face the crowds. (One of my students gave me a lovely cake that was the perfect dessert that night as well. Thank you mucho!) I've also recently discovered a Honey Greek Yogurt that is out of this world. Rich and I both love it. It has been great for lunch this week. Yummers!

Loving -- Family! My niece came home from living in the Dominican Republic for 20 months. It feels great to welcome her back and feel like our family is back together. She's a big part of our lives and to say that we missed her is an understatement. Yeah for family!

Reading-- Last Writes by Sheila Lowe. 

I am also ready to read The Marriage Bureau for Rich People for Book Group and a little Lisa Scottoline just for fun!! I finally visited the library yesterday for the first time in weeks. I knew something was missing!!

Feeling -- Sunday-afternoon-satisfied. I love the calm of knowing that I don't have to go to work tomorrow.

Thinking -- How fortunate we are to have J&K and baby Tinsley living with us right now. It is the perfect arrangement at the perfect time. We are so blessed!!!!! Now if I could only perfect that Mary Poppins way of housecleaning where everything flies into perfect order I would be totally content.  

Wanting -- "More time to just sit, think, ponder, read, listen and be still. Some times on Sunday night I feel that I 'pay' for enjoying my Saturday." This was last week's quote. I think I really got just what I wanted today. So I guess I don't need much else - - oh, yeah... A job for Rich. Just puttin' it out there.

This Week -- Eye Appointment, Dinner with my in-laws (I adore them! I love these bi-weekly dinners. It's such a treat to be with them.) Planning, Tutoring, Meetings for work, Literacy Night at school (It's supposed to RAIN. A LOT. - our 'Reading Under the Stars' may have a little twist or two!)We also have a party to attend this weekend as well. There's so much to look forward to.


Just Noting...So many bloggers that I adore and follow are leaving blogging and boy will I miss their humor, insight and comments. I am not a 'regular' blogger but I love posting when I do, reading other blogs and getting fresh ideas and opinions from so many of you. Thank you for your friendship. I just know if we lived nearby we would be a raucous bunch! Thanks for being at the other end of this Internet-tether. 


Bellezza said...

I love Pandora, too, although I don't have a subscription (yet). When my class comes in from recess I play relaxing music for them, and they just sit quietly to calm down. It really creates a lovely mood with no tattling.

I, too, am happy about tomorrow off even though I love teaching. It feels so luxurious to just know that I have a day to read, and all my household chores are already done.

Loved the story you shared about your sons's fine. I can just imagine his distress at all those digits! Thanks for visiting my blog, it's nice to meet you.

Suey said...

I'm a most awesome relaxing Sunday too! Love it when that happens! :) And yay for tomorrow off. The library is closed too!

Susan said...

I've noticed a big trend with bloggers closing up shop lately and, while I totally understand, I'll really miss them all! I'm still loving blogging and feeling fortunate to have the time and energy to keep doing it. It's fun, but lots of work. And, for the record, I always get excited when I notice you've got a new post up. Even if you're not a "regular" blogger, it's always fun to read what you write when you do post.

Have a wonderful day off! And isn't this weather glorious? My kids are LOVING being outside.

Inside A Book said...

Bellezza...Let's talk 'shop' someday. Teaching and books sound like some strong things in common!

Suey...Hope your Monday was wonderful. I am jealous about your bookish week. I can't wait for the Tucson Book Festival. Waiting...Waiting...Waiting. Wanna come?

Susan...I am SO GLAD you still post a lot. You are one of my go-to reads!! I am so glad that you make time for it, I'm better for reading some of your recommends and so is my class! I should keep a tally of how many books you read and recommend that I share with students or other teachers and friends. You should get residuals!!

PS...the Southeast Regional Library on Greenfield is one of my favorite spots now, thanks to you. I love the Riparian area and the view from those windows is my new favorite place to read!! You're awesome.

Enjoy the rest of the day!