Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Salon...Gem Show Style

Gem Show Style....
Is that like Gangnam style??

Drawing by 'Andy' in my class....

Listening -- Episodes of Castle on the DVR are playing in the background. Rich is enjoying catching up on a few shows since he's still footloose and fancy free tonight. 

Eating -- This weekend it has been yummy-central! Out for breakfast, a picnic lunch and Zona 78 pizza (A Tucson-specialty!) Wow, it was worth watching what I ate all week to enjoy the weekend fun.

Loving -- My pretties from the Gem Show!! It was a blast to shop up and down every row for hours. J&K and baby Tinsley joined us. There was a bargain around every corner.

I bet you want some was a blast!! There are literally paper plates covered with precious gems just out for you to run your fingers through. You almost become overwhelmed and jaded to the amount of $$$$ around you. (You aren't really supposed to take photos there but these came off our instagram hashtags!)

Reading-- Last Writes by Sheila Lowe, Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer, Beneath a Marble Sky by John Shors. Book Group is this week!! I have got to read faster. I am also re-reading Teach Like a Champion for the Book Study I am leading this week. BUSY! I wish I could read two books literally at the same time!

Feeling -- So stoked about teaching the new math methods I learned last week. It is exciting and empowering. I wish they had taught me math this way. I might not have had the math-phobia I did for so many years.

Thinking -- I can't WAIT for the Tucson Festival of the Book! My son is letting us stay at his apartment for the weekend and I intend to soak it all up!! (He will be at Disneyland for the weekend so partying will continue for both of us!) We've already scheduled lunch dates, dinner dates and patio breakfast time with my mom.Just thinking.... 

Wanting -- More time to just sit, think, ponder, read, listen and be still. Some times on Sunday night I feel that I 'pay' for enjoying my Saturday.  

This Week -- Book Group, Book Study (that I am leading for the staff), Tutoring, Valentine's Day frivolity and more....


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Jenners said...

Oh I loved Moonwalking with Einstein!! Fascinating stuff. I bet you build a memory castle after reading it!