Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Salon - March Mystery Madness

March Mystery Madness....

* Book Group Mystery Madness....

       --at Book Group we all read a mystery and bring the book to present to others. It's like a really fun 'book commercial!'

       --it's a mystery what we all read til we get there.

       --it's a mystery how we all seem to present different books and our list of new books to read just grows longer and longer.

       --I am LOVING my book choice. Maisie Dobbs is super.

       --can't wait for Book Group this week.

* The Mystery of the Elusive Job Search...when will we get a job?

       --trying not to get tense or worried. TRYING.

       --another interview at 6am tomorrow. Keep fingers crossed!

* The Mystery of a 4th Grade Classroom.

       --how WILL the students do on the standardized tests in only a few more days?? Pressure.

       --BIG meetings this week (in my room, no less - yikes! MUST clean classroom.) End of tutoring this week - bitter and sweet.

* The Mystery of NCAA March Madness; will my team win it all?

       --my team made it to the Sweet 16. Fun games, great basketball and always a fun game on TV. This is one time of year that I glue myself to the TV! (That is so unlike me.) My kiddos all know I am an addict. 

*The Mystery and the Magic of Bedtime.

       --when WILL I learn to go to bed earlier?? It's a mystery!

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