Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Hunger Games

Wow! Zowie! Shazam! Pow! I don't even know if I can put into words how cool this book was to "read" (ok, listen to on Mp3!) Because of this book I jumped out of bed every morning at 5 am to walk....because of this book I bent everyone's ear to tell them to read it...because of this book I called a friend (at work!) to complain that it was over! To say that I enjoyed The Hunger Games is putting it mildly. I was captivated with this YA novel.

The Hunger Games are a rite of both suppression and intimidation for the people of Panem, a post-apocolyptic world we can liken to the US. Twenty four tributes from the 12 districts are thrown into an Olympic-type event that plays out more like the gladiators or the TV series, Survivor. In further intimidating fashion, all citizens are required to watch as teenage tributes fight one another, for their very survival. The topic seemed more than depressing and haunting but I was smitten with the characters, the sense of place, the dialogue. The main characters were courageous yet flawed and human. They were independent thinkers with strong wills and ultimately soft hearts. Soon I was caught up in the world of Panem and the Hunger Games.

Suzanne Collins is a skilled storyteller. I fell into the story from the beginning and she led me into "just one more chapter" each time I listened. Carolyn McCormack, narrated the audio version and her vocal abilities lent a haunting feel to the passages. Because I was listening to the book I never knew if I was in the middle of a chapter or near the end of the book(I saw this both as a positive AND a negative!! Especially when the book ended before I was emotionally ready!) I am more than ready for the next book which comes out in September!!

I love a great story; one that will stay with me long after it's over. Well done, Suzanne Collins! Your bedtime stories to your kids must be incredible!!

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Susan said...

I just barely reviewed this one. I loved it, especially the characters in all of their vulnerability, bravery and heart. I agree - it's a fantastic read (or listen).