Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Salon

Outside my window....It's dusk. I love this time of day. So do the mosquitoes..and they love me. I have started keeping my insect repellant among the pillows in the tree swing outside. Hah, mosquitoes, take that.
I am listening to...Music from Hercule Poirot Masterpiece Theater in the background. (We must be feeling rather hoity toity lately as we have watched Hercule, Zen (based on the books by Michael Dibdin) and Endeavour. I feel a little Jane Austen coming on as well.) It's amazing what music can bring to mind!!
Favorite things from this week...meeting with a friend from high school for lunch at the Royal Palms. We took photos in every nook and cranny and lunched on Chef Ashley's special of the day. Truly a decadent time!
I am fun this past week has been. We rode bikes. It rained!!! I shopped. I wandered. We had ice cream AND gelato. We found a new restaurant. I did exactly what I wanted...I read until I was tired each and every day. I lived life at MY pace and it was fantastic.
I am grateful for...good friends and how Facebook truly united us again after years and years!! For all that I dislike about Facebook this has been one distinct benefit.
I am reading...True Sisters by Sandra Dallas, Because of Mr. Terrupt by Rob Buyea, and listening to The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and Flyte by Angie Sage (2nd in the Septimus Heap series.) Yeah for good reading.
I am listing...niggling thoughts that lay in the back of my mind....did I do this? Did I take care of that? I need to remember this. I don't want to forget that. Niggling thoughts are like little worms that wiggle. At least writing them down helps me let go of them....
I am creating ....a new living room/library. I have learned how to mend stress cracks, caulk and tape and repair drywall all by my lonesome. I watched YouTube videos to teach myself so I wouldn't have to bother my husband at every turn (he works from home and I do have to give him some peace!) Kinda fun to do everything myself. I am listening to The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell as I work. The time just soars by. (Boy, there's a lot to do before you ever GET to painting!!)

Plans for the week...Paint, clean up, read. Paint, clean up, read. Repeat....

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