Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Sunday Salon AND July - Photo-A-Day #15

Outside my window... bright and sunny to the north - -dark and stormy towards the south. Yum! I LOVE storms and rain!! We have had some awesome storms the last three will hear no complaining from me. We have terrific rainstorms here and we need every drop we get. 

I am listening to...the gurgling of the new fountain my husband made. He's put it up here in the office and we are enjoying that great sound!! Last night when it was pouring outside I kept thinking the roof was leaking or something when the fountain could be heard over the thunder and lightning!!

Favorite things from this week... Poisoned Pen Author Conference at the Biltmore (give a big yahoo for new friends, good books, interesting authors, and good times!), dinner at 2 Hippies restaurant AND George's Gyros( double the yum this week!),  a first time visit to the Southeast Regional Library and the riparian walk - wow! What a view. That library is awesome inside AND out! Last but not least this week had me listening to audio books and getting THIS close to being done with painting. Yippee!

I am thinking...about the nightmare I had last night. Yuck! It was one of those Back to School Nightmares. Really. It was more than scary too.

I am grateful for...Rainrops. 

I am reading...Alpha by Greg Rucka, The Case of the Missing Servant by Tarquin Hall, Flyte (audio) by Angie Sage and Melting Stones (audio) by Tamora Pierce

I am listing...foods I eat. I think I will go back to keeping a food journal. I feel a little out of control and want to get that taken care of. That's the ticket.

I am creating ....a mess. Until the living room/library is done the rest of the house is in upheaval. That old adage..."it will get worse before it gets better" is true at this house!

Plans for the week...Finish painting, ceiling repair (finally!), book signing at the Poisoned Pen, dinner with some cuties from Tucson-way, finish reservations for Utah/Idaho trip, & throw away all of the school things I intended to work on over the summer but haven't even looked at yet.

Photo-A-Day #15
(What power one finger can have!)   



Cathy said...

Which author signing??? I'll be attending two this next week. And-- so glad to hear you're reading Vish Puri. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Susan said...

Haven't the storms been awesome? I LOVE them.

Ahhh ... the back to school nightmares. I don't really have those as I could not be more excited for school to start (entertaining 4 kids all day is exhausting), BUT I do still have nightmares about BYU. Either I can't find my classroom or it's finals and I don't know any of the answers or it's the end of the semester and I haven't been to class at all ... and on. I graduated from BYU 11 years ago -- when are these nightmares going to end? LOL