Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Salon and July Photo-A-Day #29

The Sunday Salon - - Travel style

We're on the Bear Lake in Idaho/Utah and working without internet, TV, or radio. So, how you ask, are you posting?? This technology stuff is pretty coo and we are tethering through our phones to make posting possible. The fun part is it ends our day in a quiet way with looking through photos and cuddled together working over the small screen. We feel like teenagers.

Alas we are homeward bound tomorrow. Sad because it's a 16+ hour drive and we have really sore rears already!! AND we are sad to see this fun little vacation end. It's back to work for me and I am not ready mentally or physically. Isn't that how life works sometime??

Outside my window.... it's finally dark!! It is so weird. The sun doesn't set up here until almost 10 o'clock!! I had forgotten that. you see in Arizona we don't WANT more hours of daylight so it gets dark at a normal time. Not eating til it gets dark means waiting til VERY late. It's been a fun change.

I am listening to..... the weird sounds of a 100+ year old house. It creaks and cracks and has its own personality. Add in the page turning of my hubby's book and it sounds wonderful.

Favorite things from the the list is long!! Let's start with the scenery. Clouds and big sky, mountains and green, turquoise blue Bear Lake and spectacular canyons. Wow! Don't want to forget the incredible food!! Oh my golly-gosh, if I lived here I would be chubby! We have eaten at fun restaurants and with great family. The combination is delish!! We shopped and spent our fair share for the economy in The King's English Bookstore. I want to move in next door. LOVE that neighborhood. Throw a wedding in the mix and this week was a home run. The bride is everything we wanted for this 'almost-son''s a precious memory. Lastly, we saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel at an Indie Theater. What a thoughtful and terrific movie. We loved the experience!

I am thinking .... how blessed I am.

I am grateful for in-laws. They are truly fantastic and I am a better person because of them, their love for me and their friendship. They are the BEST. Spending time with them is like coming home.

I am reading....Charms for the Easy Life by Kaye Gibbons (for book group.) I finished The Case of the Missing Servant by tarquin Hall, Teach Like a Champion by Doug Lemov, and finally finished up the end of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks so I could leave it with my in-laws to enjoy. I finished a few audio books while working on the library and am almost ready to finish another. Wahoo.

I am listing ....the eternal to-do list for school, things to buy for the classroom, things to copy, print and prepare. I am also still working on baby-shower invites. It's really going to happen. (Grins!)

I am creating ...our living room library. We finished up the painting before we left, now to touch-up three places and move in the furniture. Curtains are next, then a few more bookshelves ordered and art on the walls. Oh yeah, then I have to sort the books. Yikes. This may take awhile.

Plans for the, read, sort, clean, shop, prepare the classroom and PANIC!! Not really. Well okay, sorta! 

Photo-A-Day   The Last Thing I Bought...

My Souvenirs from vacation! All from The King's English Bookstore!
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Suey said...

You are having WAY too much fun! Enjoy!