Sunday, July 22, 2012

July - Photo-A-Day #22 and the Sunday Salon

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What fun "upside down" is when you're 5. 
This is Jase's idea for today's photos!!

Outside my window... Dark!! It was stormy and ominous as I sat on the swing tonight. It was fantastic. I sat until I could no longer read and until the mosquitoes began to devour me. I love the monsoon season!! (You should have seen yesterday's haboob - -it was a real doozy and I was right in it!!) 


I am listening to... the fan!! I love the relative quiet of a Sunday night and mask any other noises with the fan. It's just a way to chill out and a fan sure means summer to me.

Favorite things from this week... Wow, it's been a packed week. 1. Seeing the kiddos - Emma, Gigi and Noah  2. Tarquin Hall at the Poisoned Pen was super!! 3. Indian food for our date  4. Ceiling repair FINALLY done - wahoo! 5. Wind and Rain!

I am thinking... about an upcoming baby shower to plan for!! Holy Guacamole!

I am grateful for... A great friend who took my photos for my "business card" for Meet the Teacher! All families will get one so they can contact me anytime. I've always wanted to make it easy for it's done. I am NOT a picture taking kind of girl, so when this sweet friend suggested it I was kind of uncertain. It ended up being a perfect experience and a great time to reconnect with each other.

I am reading... Inkheart by Cornelia Funke (audio - playaway), Flyte by Angie Sage (audio - car!), Alpha by Greg Rucka, and Charms for the Easy Life by Kaye Gibbons (book group)

I am listing... things to do in the next two days before we leave for a mini-vacay!

I am creating... baby shower invitation ideas on my Pinterest, baby gifts, and I am STILL ignoring what I should be doing for school! I'll pay for this later. Argh!

Plans for the week... FINISH the library/living room paint, go out to breakfast, get a pedicure (I have ruined mine from all the remodel-redo and even Rich looked at my toes and told me to go!!), pack, and fun-fun - pick up my classroom keys AND go with J to fill out her baby registry! Wow - that's something to truly journal about. My baby is having a baby! (How can this be?? I'm still a baby myself!! )


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