Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Salon

What the heck! This is a whole new format and I think I missed the tutorial on what goes to moderate my comments or edit something!! Yikes. DON'T change things on my without my permission. Get it?? Got it?? Good! Argh...

Outside my window... HOT. HOT. HOT. 103 degrees today. Holy thermometer, Batman, where did Spring go?? You can no longer carry chocolate with you anywhere. :(

I am listening to .... Little Jase and his daddy fussing at each other. Ahh, the sound of a 5 year old who really wants to play.

Favorite things from this week ....AIMs test is over! Say Hallelujah, brothers and sisters!! My mind is so fried that I can hardly remember much more of the week than that! Now it's the end of the year wind down. Studying Fablehaven with my class is AWESOME. Playing Sorry with 2 granddaughters. A 3 year old beat us all!! Earth Day at the zoo, visiting with my mom, my sister, my BIL, seeing my brother and SIL. It was a good family day. U-Swirl It with all 6 grandkids! YUM. The best deep-dish pizza - along with a great kid's play area - The Loop (go there if you're ever in Tucson like we were.) Traveling with family.

I am thinking ...about Everything!! In fact my mind is racing with so much that I was awakened by it all at 4am. Hmmm. I made a HUGE poster to list all the things I need to do. It seemed to help by writing it all down - for a minute!

I am grateful for ...modern transportation, air conditioning, know, the basics. Oh yeah, pedicures too. They should be considered a basic just as chocolate should be considered one of the basic food groups.

I am reading ...Poison Flower by Thomas Perry. Scary. I finished Wings this week and loved it. Creative. I am also reading Readicide  for my nonfiction mind-booster. I find myself quoting it at every turn.

I am listing ...EVERYTHING. What is not on the list?? That stress level is rising with the heat! Anyone have a pool I can jump into? Seriously, things are really just busy, not bad or yucky, just busy. I forget that it gets this way every year.

I am creating ...more Fablehaven lessons, graduation announcements, lesson plans and Career Ladder write-ups. Wow, I think I ruptured a creative tendon or something!!

Plans for the week ...A Trek campout, Book Group, dinner out and dinner in (dinner guests too!), write a letter or two and get some end of the year project plans doing. I also need to practice with the dutch oven some more....dinner anyone?!?!

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melissa @ 1lbr said...

You know, the only thing that really bugs me about the heat is the inability to carry chocolate around. Seriously, sad news. :)