Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Salon

Outside my window... Calm, sunny skies with a dollop of clouds. Lovely and warm.....well you'd say that too if your feet were blocks of ice when you were camping this weekend. I vowed to NOT complain about the heat ever again (gosh, we'll see how long THAT lasts!)

I am listening to .... Pandora and the classics....mmmm

Favorite things from this week ...
  • dinner with the family at Ted's Hot Dogs. What is it about that place that is so darn yummy?!?! We sat around the table and laughed, ate yummy char-grilled New York dogs and shared photos and funny stories. J showed off her new ultrasound of a real little one with a cute nose and sucking fingers. WOW.( Their doc sealed the 'sex' up in an envelope and only curious eyes will open if they can't stand it! Wahoo!) 
  • Walking several nights with my best friend...when I fell once he was right there to grab me up. What a guy!
  • Sharing Fablehaven with my students. Learning about consequences! We've read articles about "Babies and TV", "The Big Oil Spill" and "Rebuilding Iraq." All about consequences and all started with discussion in Fablehaven!! Awesomeness. 
I am thinking ... about next year grade level assignments. Every year at this time the guessing begins!!

I am grateful for ... Graduation from ASU for one son. A Job for another DIL. Electricity. Beds. Indoor Plumbing. Library books.

I am reading ..  I finished Poison Flower by Thomas Perry and Readicide by Kelly Gallagher this week and I am more than half way through Reading in the Age of Distraction by Alan Jacobs. Currently reading Breadcrumbs (a middle grade book) by Anne Ursu. What great writing. Next up is Tender at the Bone by Ruth Reichel for book group in two weeks. The pile by my bed tempts me as well so I dip and dive into other books on occasion.

I am listing for the  upcoming Trek, house reno plans, budget ideas, school plans, calendar items....I need an administrative assistant. I told my daughter my needs and she asked what the benefits were. When I told her she would get flowers on Administrative Assistant's Day I know she was excited....NOT!

I am creating ... Lesson plans and sub plans.

Plans for the week ...Professional Development class Monday. Dinner guests on Tuesday. #4 son's birthday and college graduation. Field Trip with my 4th graders. AND a Podcasting class for school. It looks busy.....throw in grading and that should wrap the week up with a tight little bow!!

Whoa...It's probably Monday already.....I knew my days were busy. Gotta love it. Have a great week.

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Jenners said...

I know that camping ALWAYS makes me appreciate indoor plumbing!!!