Monday, April 9, 2012

Dystopian Time

(Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest 2012)
Impressive, huh??

I have managed to read just a little during this testing review time.
(I think it's my stress relief and my escape!)

Still working on all of these Library Request books that are tumbling in.... Next up - YA Dystopian Drama. (Is there any other kind??)

Divergent by Veronica Roth

The interesting thing about Library requests is that they arrive whether you're in the dystopian mood or not. They arrive whether you are up-to-your-eyeballs-busy or not. They arrive, quite often, when others are on to the next good story - or not. When you have two book group books to read and loads of work awaiting. Nonetheless; I am grateful for libraries and the exposure to literature that just makes me turn the page faster and faster. Such was the case when Divergent arrived. I have read scraps and pieces of reviews about this book for sometime so I plugged it into my que (I just wanted to say that! Since I am NOT a Netflix girl I have never had the chance to pony up to that particular phrase. sigh!) Who knew it would take this long to be my turn?? Who knew it would arrive when I had actually forgotten why I had reserved it in the first place?? Who knew it would arrive in time for April Break reading?? (Insert a "good timing" shout here.) So, without further ado, why I haven't read blogs or posted over this April break...

Here is the premise( for those of you as behind as I am in reading) : Picture a broken down and apocalyptic Chicago where society has been broken up into five "factions." Each faction is known by the dominant traits of its' members - honesty, intelligence, peacefulness, courage, and selflessness. Regardless to which faction a child is born into, when they turn 16, they are given an aptitude test to determine which faction they are best suited for. Usually, whether through nature or nurture, these teens stay with their own factions, however; it is their choice. It is up to them to choose to leave their families and everything they know to go to another faction to which they are more suited. Sometimes, in a rare case, there is a 16 year old that has traits in more than one faction - these people are considered DIVERGENT - and dangerous.

Okay. I was invested. It reminded me of The Giver.
There was action, societal questions and talk of free will and agency. Black, white, grey....
I empathized with the main character, Tris, as I made decisions at 16/17 that separated my from my family. I felt her internal struggle and continual questions. I still do, many years later. I also felt the pain and anguish of parents as their child would choose to leave one faction and seek another. I felt their struggle and still do. Isn't fiction amazing?!?!

Divergent caught me up and carried me along on a thrill ride. Although the book seemed a tad long in parts (I wanted a little tighter editing in the middle) I was invested in the story. The ending was a real roller coaster ride, however. It kept me riveted right up to the last page. I realize that all dystopians must opt for a trilogy nowadays but I was happy with stopping there. It didn't tie things up in happy wrapping paper and bows, but I was happy looking to possibilities without the author spelling them out for me. That's the kind of ending I like. I can write my own. But.... I know there are more adventures ahead for Tris. I may want to check in on her again, when the book arrives in my Library que!!!

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Suey said...

The next one comes out next month I think. I'm hoping to borrow an ARC from a friend and read it soon. We'll see if it maintains the momentum from this first book!

P.S. I had SO MUCH fun talking with you last night!