Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Salon

Outside my window... Cool, windy and dark. Spring has taken us from 90 degree days to cool, rainy and windy. Arizona Spring!! So...we pulled out the hoodies again and headed out for a busy day.

I am listening to .... the ticking of the clock, the hum of the dishwasher and the thrill of quiet.

Favorite things from this week .... Meeting more blogger-heroes. Wow! They were funny and sparkly. Loved it. Book group. The lovely mammographer at the Mobile Mammogram clinic- Truly. Hairstylin' with my favorite friend, Nikki. Date night. We took in the play The Odd Couple and stumbled upon a tiny little restaurant for date night. Fantastic. Today we helped out our nephew by working on his Eagle Project. We gleaned fruit for the Food Bank. It felt good to give. Best reward - - taking little Jase with us AND the donuts!!

I am thinking ... about bed and about the book that waits for me on the nightstand.

I am grateful for ... how fast the hard and busy week went. I fell this week - hard. A royal wipe-out. I was being silly and it caught up with me. I am grateful that only my pride was hurt and that my bruise is really cool looking.

I am reading ... Wings by Aprilynne Pike for my other book group and a few more. The pile by my bed is growing exponentially!

I am listing ... Foods to practice cooking over campfires and in dutch ovens for our summer extravaganza. Doesn't cornmeal mush sound appetizing?!?!?! I am also working on Fablehaven lesson plans and writing ideas.

I am creating ... nothing. I think I just want to watch other people be creative. I must be a slug.

Plans for the week ... AIMS testing!!! Ack. Wake me when it's over......

Despite the fact that I sound like a negative-Nelly, life is super-de-duper. I think I am just tired. Either that or I am in a food coma! Could be both. I'll say night-night whole I still have two brain cells to rub together.


Suey said...

How are you liking Wings? I'm anxious for the next book as the last book left me hanging! (I can't remember what they are all called anymore!)

Jenners said...

Lazy Sundays are the very best kind!! And we had some adventures with Dutch Ovens when I was a kid and we went camping. Good idea to practice -- not the best time to experiment when you're hungry out at the campsite!!