Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Salon - School's Out Edition

Outside my window: it's bright and sunny - but it's windy! I am not a fan! Wind makes me cranky, it tests my hairspray and adds to my already disheveled look. Oh well, at least it is not 100 degrees. Okay, I change my mind, it's a perfectly lovely day outside.

I am listening to: Chanticleer and other renaissance vocal music today. Don't worry, I am not always so high falutin'. I was jamming the Journey and Daughtry earlier this week in the classroom as I packed up the shelves for another summer.

I am watching: nothing yet. I intend to rectify that this week though. Rich is leaving town so I have a date with Netflix. Anything I should put on my queue? I did get a new DVD called Saints and Soldiers last week, mybe I'll start with that.

I am thinking: of the AIMS results that we got back at school. I have dissected my results over and over. I am SO pleased with the results of my class. I am thinking that I need to celebrate the good and polish up the skills in the lower areas, focusing more on math. But more than anything I am trying to remember that these results don't define the students or me. The kiddos worked so hard. I'm glad that as a new 3rd grade teacher I didn't hold them back... I made it. Lots of hard work paid off for all of us! (All those years of teaching 1st grade really were good preparation...Mrs. Price, you were right!)

I am grateful for: supportive friends, hugs, tears, encouragement, unexpected gifts, and peace!! I surprised even myself this week and was braver than I thought possible. On purpose I sought out change. Be impressed. I am! We'll see what happens. But thanks go out to friends who were there for the journey.

I am reading: A Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende. WOW!~ I finished Wrong Number by Racelle Christensen this week as well as Isn't it Romantic? by Ron Hansen. Book Group was a blast and we reveiwed The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. There was great discussion!

I am photographing: a fabulous day in Tucson with our kiddos, grandbabes and my mom! We were running with our hair on fire but we got to see and play with them all! It was a picture perfect day. I should have photographed an empty classroom, book group where we had Potato Peel Pie (can you guess what we read?) grading writing folders til all hours of the night and when Rich drilled his thumb assembling furniture. Oh well, it was a busy week.

I am listing: NOTHING! That's why they call it summer vacation! (Not really, but for a day or so it will work.)

I am creating: peace. An inner one this time. Every summer I have a goal. That's for this summer. Won't it be a fun one? Think of all those essays you had to write when you were a kid, "How I spent my summer vacation." Well this one will be a little more complex but the pictures will be great to draw.

On my Pandora: A Glee station, Adele, and Death Cab for Cutie (well some of their stuff anyway) and a serious walking station. I want to be a dork and collect my walking/riding music into a pretty upbeat group so that I will pace myself. I am truly going techie.

I am hoping and praying: for comfort and a decision. I think I want one thing. I need to be content if I don't get it. Easy to say, hard to do. Thy will, not my will. Hmmm. See why I am praying?

Around the house : I am ready for the first day of summer cleaning to begin! Who will come and help me, asked the Little Red Hen. Oh, then I will do it myself! Actually I love the purging, the feel of clean floors and windowsills and the smell of Pinesol! Come on over and bring chocolate and a Diet Coke!

From the kitchen: Salads with garden fresh tomatoes, BLTs with garden fresh tomatoes, salsa with garden fresh tomatoes, garden fresh tomatoes. Can you tell what's producing?

One of my favorite things: Laughing with friends and family. I've missed that belly-laughing feeling. It feels good to feel my face cracking open in smiles.

The children this week: I talked to or saw everyone this week. Number 3 son graduated from Air Traffic Control school at Keesler Air Force Base this week. We had some long talks and lots of texting going on. His wife finally joined him after 6 months. I would have loved to see that happy reunion. The rest of the kiddos are smiling and enjoying life. My school kiddos said tearful farewells. I am a mushball when the boys get teary. But I was brave and sent them off with hugs and promises to always love them. They are ready to fly....4th grade, here they come, ready or not!!

Plans for the week: Professional Development classes, some serious sleeping in, reading in bed and little cooking!!

On this date: Last year we were visiting Chaco Canyon with my brother and sister and their spouses. It was great. We hiked among ancient ruins and through high walled canyons. I loved learning it all and being with amazing people. This time last year was also the last time I ever talked with my dad. I can still hear him tell me he loved me. Bittersweet memories.


rhapsodyinbooks said...

Yay for the AIMS results! And what did you all actually MAKE for potato peel pie?!!!

Suey said...

Love Daughter of Fortune!
Ah peace... I need some of that.
BLTs! I can't wait until I get some... in August!
I went to Chaco Canyon once... it was awesome! :)

Alyce said...

I'm glad everything went so well for your 3rd grade class! I don't like windy weather either, but would take warm and windy over what we have here (50 degrees and a soaking rain). It's supposed to be warmer than this at the end of May!