Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Sunday Salon - a first

Here's a first for me - recording my life in prompts!! (NOTE - somehow this got delayed...can I call this the Monday Salon?!?!)

Outside my window:
it's's Mother's Day evening and I've spent the afternoon reading in the backyard and I've now heard from all my "chickens" and even talked with MY mom. It's actually cooler outside than it's been all week so I am loving it!

I am listening to: Prairie Home Companion, and Vocal Point - acappella!! I heard them at Women's Conference and they were awesome! This week I've been playing my Pandora station and reveling in my stations there - Les Miserables to Glee. I love the assortment that Pandora gives me!

I am watching: DVR recordings of the Royal Wedding. Rich was great to record it for me while I was away.

I am thinking: that I really have a lot to do to end this school year. My list is growing exponentially and even knowing that I still can't get motivated. A lot hinges on an announcement of our new principal this Tuesday afternoon. Yikes.

I am grateful for: Mother's Day greetings from all my kiddos. I loved a drop-by visit from Jennie and Kyle, phone calls from the boys, and a little grandson who is finally recovering from a virus. Keep your fingers crossed that we don't share it.

I am reading: The Stone Diaries by Carol Shields for my new book group this week.

I am photographing: students, their work, and my classroom.

I am listing: loads of work to finish by the end of the school year. The list is amazingly long!

I am creating: new friends. I can't wait to go to a new book group on Wednesday. It's all a result of a 6 hour wait at the airport and a new friend I made while waiting!! I love talking books and I am so excited to visit with my new friend again.

On my iPod: I have got to get back to using mine. Sorry, iPod, Pandora is my new best friend. But I will return. Someday.

I am hoping and praying: for a friend who is grieving.

Around the house: I swept, dusted, and mopped yesterday. I know I did. Doesn't seem like it today. Argh!

From the kitchen: Dinner here tomorrow night - I wish it could be potluck. The way my waistline is after this weekend of dinners out and ice cream I should probably think about serving yogurt or salad for every meal!

One of my favorite things: spending time with Rich. We went out for a drive last night and ended up at Culvers. Yum. How I love those drives we used to take when kiddos were tiny and gas was NOT $4 a gallon!

Plans for the week: an observation by NAU professors of me teaching science!! Yikes. No pressure. The assistant superintendent is coming to tell us who our new principal will be!! A whole night is set aside for grading writing assessments, a staff meeting and Book group!! Gosh that only takes me to Wednesday!! I want to squeeze in a few bike rides as well. Can it be Friday already???

On this date: last year I was finishing my last Spanish class for my ESL endorsement and it was killing me!! Wow, am I glad that is over. I guess I'll just count my blessings! Have a terrific week!

Thanks Suey for some great inspiration.


Molly said...

Oh - I look forward to this summer when I plan to use this prompt for my Sunday Salon posts -- I LOVE it!

I am quickly developing a love of Pandora as well. I want to start adding music back into my life (was big into music in high school/college - but it has taken a huge backseat these past ten years). I would love to hear what "stations" you frequent.

Jenn said...

Dentist is on the agenda for tomorrow. Thankfully after school while the girls are with the ballet teacher and the boy is still at school. I am still hoping to just have it re-cemented but I fully realize the unlikelihood of that happening. My little friend had a rough day. Actually got Princess in Training in one of her attacks. Princess was ok. Little friend went home and will continue to go home any time she touches anyone. Tooth is really fine. Doesn't hurt and no sensitivity to hot or cold. It is just sharp and I keep forgetting not to eat on that side because when I got the crown a little bit ago I had to eat on that side. Ugh. Hope all is good with you. Just a few more days!