Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Portrait of a Man at Work

My husband works from home.
I mean he really works from home.
Three days a week, anyway.
I can't show you how he looks most days when I leave for school because it truly is no fair that he doesn't have to comb his hair perfectly to sit at his computer.
But the other days he REALLY works at home!!

I show you this portrait of a man hard at work.....
Shall we call this "Portrait in Yellow"?

Sorry, honey, I know the paint isn't even dry,
but yellow just won't work
with the new office furniture and design.

Now to show you this.....

I'll call this portrait "Skies are Grey."

"As you wish, dear..."
We're on gallon number 3 now.

Gosh, I love this guy!

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