Saturday, April 4, 2009

Relative Bliss

April in Arizona can be relative bliss....breezy, sunny, and nights when you sleep with the windows wide open. Orange blossoms, wild flowers, growing grass, and afternoons at the park.

Today we filled the day with "relative" bliss as well. We celebrated a granddaughter's birthday at the park with 6 year olds and a BBQ. They blew bubbles. They chased the ducks. They swung on the swings and giggled and squealed. It was relative bliss!! Clean up was easy and enjoying the afternoon was relatively fun!!

General conference in the quiet of the family room was relative bliss too! Words of the prophets were/are comforting. How grateful I am to have such great guidance. I especially appreciated the counsel of Elder Robert D. Hales. It was a support to what we heard at our Stake Welfare Meeting and I believe it is so pertinent for all of us today. I love the spirit of Elder Eyring and Elder Marvin J. Ballard. Now to make the words actions....

Having a day to catch up on laundry, read a bit of a new book, spend some time with Rich - yep, that's relative bliss alright.

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