Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Pageant 2009

Last night we went to the Easter Pageant at the temple. It was the first tme in years that we've gone and much has changed and improved! It is the largest pageant of it's kind in the world, with over 400 cast members putting on a presentation of our Savior's life and ministry. Over 150,000 people attend each year. Can you belive it?!?! It is a wonderful way to spend a spring night in Mesa! The temple looks fabulous and the spirit is sweet and calm amidst the clamor of the world. It's even a bit chilly so we took a quilt to sit on or snuggle under!
What a terrific way to spend Maundy Thursday, the night of Christ's last supper with his friends.

Jessica and Ariel joined us on the lawn at the temple for a picnic. Jess brought quiche and soda, we brought fruits and of course, M&M's~!! We saw old friends and enjoyed people watching as families picnicked on blankets and munched pizza in the rows and rows of chairs. Rich and the young men of our ward had set up the charis 2 Saturdays ago. He said just the set up is so organized and official. They have figured everything out down to a science.

The pageant has gotten better and better! We were so pleased and amazed. Visually it is a feast of colors and action and the choreography and scenery are more than professional. What talents people have. And to think that it is ALL volunteer! Impressive. Aren't the costumes amazing. Even more so in person.

The spirit of the Savior is everywhere .... how great for all people to see our commonalities and not our differences. That is a sweet blessing and tender mercy. Jess is such an awesome addition to our family and I wanted her to see a bit of what we believe. She is a great audience and we had a jolly fun time. Ariel was entranced and even thought the hour got late she was excited to watch. Cast members approached her in their costumes and she thought that was pretty darn cool.

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Susan said...

My husband and 3 of my kids were there last night, too. I was home with the baby, who's not feeling too great. Glad to hear you had fun :)