Sunday, April 19, 2009


At Stake Conference last night Pres. David Benson, 1st Counselor in the Stake Presidency, spoke about ordinary people who have gone the extra mile and done extraordinary things. He spoke about Irv Miller who was a faithful home teacher to his wife's family when she was growing up. This good (and very ordinary man) came every month. He picked up Cynthia and her brothers and took them to church with his family every week for years. This very ordinary person was the church role model for Cynthia as she was growing up until her father became active in later life. What a blessing he was to their family! Bro. Miller went the extra mile yet he never attained what some might consider greatness. He was never a Bishop or a High Counselor. He just did his calling faithfully and without grandeur. Pres. Benson also spoke about a woman in England who is a contestant on a show called Britain's Got Talent. Her name is Susan Boyle. She is 47 years old, is unemployed and lives with her cat. He even reminded us that she has never been kissed! A very unassuming looking woman who has extraordinary talent. (Go to this link to hear for yourself - I can almost definitely guarantee goosebumps!)

How many people underestimated the somewhat ordinary or frumpy woman who appeared before them? Yet she did not wait for the world to judge her. She knew what she had!! She was undaunted and unphased and I love it!! I love the raised eyebrows of the judges and the audience. She made believers out of all of us!

Isn't that what we should all do; walk unphased as the world tries to judge us? Do our ordinary callings with extraordinary energy and fervor?? No matter who is telling us we can't, that we aren't good enough or up to the task?? I may not make a difference to the rest of the world, but I can have an influence in my own life, work hard in in my own calling, make a difference in my own sphere and place.

I don't aspire to fame and fortune (well ok, fortune would be nice) but I do have a desire to make the most of my time here on earth. I have a desire to make each day worthwhile, to each day try to make my little corner of the world a better place, to have an influence with those I love and those I work with.

Pres. Benson's talk motivated me in an ordinary way to want to do my ordinary work ------ extraordinarily!!!!

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Mandy said...

You are extraordinary to me! I loved reading your blog and "catching up!" You will have to encourage my Mom, she is just stepping into the blog world. :) I answered your questions as a comment on my blog in case any other readers had the same questions! Love you!