Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things I don't want to Forget

Thank you Dan and Liz for recording this moment in history! I loved this day and all the memories I have!! I don't want to forget that!

These are great guys - who wouldn't want to pick one of them up from the temple!!??! I don't want to forget what incredible guys they are - - thanks for being worthy! I don't want to forget that!
Our newest - baby Hero!! Such cute grandbabies!! I sure don't want to forget them! They grow so fast - I cherish their cuddles and grins. Don't ya melt when their little eyes sparkle? When they reach out for you or just want a hug it's the best. I'm blessed with 6 awesome little bugs. I don't want to forget that!

I don't want to forget the Miracle of March! How smart first graders are in March... they can read! They can write!! They have incredibly wise thoughts and they wonder! I don't want to forget that.

All the fun and games of Spring break! It was a blast sleeping an hour or two more each day, reading for a few minutes in bed and then hitting the ground running with Jennie. I can honestly say that we shopped til we dropped. We cleaned and organized, crafted and talked. It was terrific! We have a million more ideas now and want more time to play. It always happens to me. Spring Break whets my appetite for the lazy days of summer. (Plus I was forced to go computer-less for the week so I really read a book!! WOW!) I don't want to forget those days...

I am so grateful for good friends. Ones to go to lunch with, laugh with, serve with, work with, and share with. I don't want to forget the sacrifices of good friends - how they help me whenever I need a hand. I want to remember that friendship is precious and not to treat it lightly. I want to make sure that my friends know that I won't take them for granted. How grateful I am to have friends wherever I go. I feel blessed!! Please, I don't want to forget that!

I want to remember the simple pleasures of Family Game Nights. It's not about who wins or loses but it's about the relationships we are building!! I don't want to forget that!

I don't want to forget how much fun I have with my best friend - Rich! I'm glad that we've always dated and spent time together. I don't want to forget the sacrifices he's made to be with me. We carpool together daily( my colleagues are so envious as he watches me walk into my classroom.) We support the other person's hobbies and enjoy car rides and shopping; if we're together. We are certainly two very different people with different interests and passions but that's what makes our life so grand. I don't want to forget that!

Finally I don't want to forget the privilege of living so close to the Temple. We've been challenged to go three times before Stake Conference - I don't want to forget that!!!

I'm a list maker - I guess this is just a small list of things I don't want to forget - today!!
Are there things you don't want to forget???

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