Sunday, March 1, 2009

All Because Two People Fell in Love...

Well, they did it!! Jennie and Kyle finally got married! It was wonderful and I cried from beginning to end!! Yep, perfect!

Days rushed by and all too soon it was like Christmas, it was coming whether I was ready or not. It seemed like I blinked and it was here. We rushed and rushed and the house was taken over by the wedding fairy.... we are just now beginning to reclaim the floor!!

We have wonderful friends to than, family who supported us, and a peace and contentment now that they are Mr. & Mrs.

I was hoping to have photos of the bride and groom (they were gorgeous!) to post by now, but you will just have to envision it with me. Just remember that I will look like a vision of loveliness. Not like the short, pudgy and polka-dotted person I'm afraid I truly resembled!! Imaginations, please! Instead today I blog with photos of setting up. Just to remember a bit of all the blood, sweat and tears....

Decorating is NOT, let me repeat that, NOT my forte!! Thank heavens for great friends, tulle and twinkle lights!! Everything looks better with them! Of course when you add about 450-500 people, lots of presents and food it even looks more romantic and festive!

The wedding was in the temple at 9:45 so preparations started early!! Jennie's roommate from college drove down from Utah to do her hair (and it was FABULOUS!! Wow!) Makeup was done by Jennie's cousin, Noelle, who really should do the makeup for the celebs! She rocks! I couldn't believe that we even had time for a light breakfast!

The temple wedding and sealing was incredible!!!! Yes, I cried!! And cried!! Kyle and Jennie are perfect for each other and to see them kneel and look into each other's eyes it made perfect sense that they had found one another. I loved the tenderness of Kyle. It seemed that he was happiest when next to her, touching her hand or waist and enjoying the day with her. His parents have raised such a caring and tender man!! After the wedding in the temple we went outside to take TONS of photos. The day was great. We had loads of family there and it certainly was a celebration!

Kyle's folks hosted a luncheon at a local restaurant and Jennie wowed the patrons when she arrived in her wedding gown! She then added an apron and proceeded to eat and enjoy lunch all dolled up!! When they left with the photographers to spend the afternoon taking photos the whole restaurant started applauding and wishing them well. It was a blast! We all revdezvoused back at our Stake Center for the reception and a ring ceremony later that night.

A ring ceremony was held for those who were not able to go into the temple and it was sweet. Our little granddaughters Emma, Ariel and Gracie were so cute in blue dresses and carrying daisies. They were perfect for the job! Ring bearers were cute, little Noah and Brinton, but it was a good thing they didn't really have rings - - two year olds are about as trustworthy as groomsmen (good joke, Dan, Kevin and Kevin!!)

The reception seems a blur now, but we can all remember long lines, bounties of good wishes, hugs and dancing. The reception line was to have been 45 minutes, but 2 1/2 hours later the kids finally got to their dancing!! We were blessed to have so many come and wish the newlyweds well. We felt very honored and priviledged to host such a party. Again, did I cry - you bet!
We sent the happy couple off with bubbles, hoops and hollars and my heart went with them. It was weird waking up and not having Jennie here. Could it be that time flashed by so fast? Indeed it did!


Rena said...

Congratulations! Now you can put you feet up and relax a little. It looks like it was wonderful.

Merrill and Mary said...

Hey Gaye... what is the name of that photographer you were telling me about in Utah... or what is Holly's blog and I can go look