Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spur of the moment Saturday!

Spur of the moment Saturdays are great!! How great to have the time and abilities to enjoy them! An email from a favorite hangout (the Poisoned Pen Bookstore) inspired our Saturday jaunt - south to Tucson to take in Tucson Festival of Books. The first ever Tucson festival was a resounding success! Over 450 authors were scheduled with more than 200 presentations, lectures and signings! Can you say, "book lover's heaven"?? Wow, the campus was prettier than ever, it was wonderfully laid out and well attended. The weather truly showed off it's colors as well!! There where spectacular clouds, a few sprinkles, cool temperatures and then gorgeous spans of sunshine! Boy, the Chamber of Commerce must be bustin' their buttons!
The scenery was lovely! Don't ya just love those clouds?!?!?I was tempted to plop right down and devour a few pages....

Rich even gets in the spirit! He truly likes talking to others about their books and interests. He's the perfect guest at these events because he is curious! Everyone wants to talk to him! He's my perfect companion for festivals~ He is willing to attend any lectures that I want or go off on his own.
I am finally taking photos of Rich. It always seems that he is the one behind the camera and not in front of it. Today he is my proof that we were there!!
My favorite presentation of the day was by a favorite author, Thomas Perry, and another new author (to me), Peter Leonard. They were well suited to each other and the topic was entertaining. I loved the fact that they shared tips and strategies as well as little known, behind the scene facts about their books. You felt like a best friend to these men! A verbal handshake as we talked and visited. It was wonderfully personal, even when held in an old Chemistry class in the Science Building!!

A trip to Tucson any day of the week requires a trip to Eegee's!! Fries with a side of ranch and a large strawberry eegee's really hit the spot for me!! Jennie loves this so much that we even served it at her wedding reception!! Now that was the largest order I've ever had there, that's for sure!! Eleven party packs - tangerine and strawberry! Yum! Today it was just the two of us so the order was much more sane, but we brought extra home for others!!

This Spur of the Moment Saturday was the perfect start to Spring Break week!! Party on, dude!!

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