Tuesday, March 10, 2009

March Madness

Wahoo! Photos of the wedding are trickling in and they make me smile from ear to ear when I see them. What a great gift they are. Good friends, digital cameras and captured moments.... enjoy a taste of it with me today!!

The look on their faces is priceless - it's all worth it!

Family - it's what it's all about!!
(MIA - two brothers, Paul and Drew, there in spirit if not in body! They were missed!)

A great heritage!!! Kissing!!

I know you can't see the tears - but they were there!
Rich and I were so happy for them. Proud as punch!!

Was she afraid they would dump her in the grass?
You bet!! That's what brothers are for!

Footsteps and flowers....

Life in March is miraculous and maddening....
  • The miracle of March is evident in my classroom. Readers, independence, great growth - they just start to really "get it" and it's incredible. This year as I teach the non-English speakers it feels even more gratifying!
  • The madness of schedules! It feels overbooked and hectic when in reality I am ready for Spring fever, naps in the afternoon, swinging in the hammock and a good book.
  • The miracles of friends, of those who serve without qualms, helping hands and gentle hearts.
  • The madness of report cards, district cuts, student numbers and allocations and the unease of whether we have jobs. Where will we be next year? Who said that education was a safe place to be?!?!
  • The miracle of spring!! Spring break! New grass, babies, discovery and re-birth!
Ya gotta love March Madness~~~~
(Gosh, and to think basketball is next!! Yippee!)

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Rena said...

What wonderful pictures! Thank you for sharing.