Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Snapshots

Happy I am sharing a slice of my summer life!
To fulfill my challenge to read a Book-a-Day this summer I seem to be frequenting this special place.
 I LOVE this library! 
It's not cozy and quiet, but it's a place filled with energy. It is swarming with people really using every part of this place. Yet.... it somehow radiates peace. 
I LOVE these ceilings. 
AND this quiet sentry, guarding the door...he's my own personal book-soldier!
What a view. 

PS. When my car broke down last week I was able to somehow make it to this parking lot so I could wait for the tow truck in a safe place!!! 
Talk about making lemons into lemonade! 
"Gosh dear, I will just HAVE to wait in the library. No rush on that tow truck!"

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Susan Lindquist said...

I love our little public library too! Our librarian is retiring this summer and I just don't know what the townsfolk will do without her! She knows everyone's reading tastes and is always right on top of interlibrary orders, new book purchases, and book group ideas ... sigh.

Brona Joy said...

I love that your library has a terracotta warrior from Xian :-)

Elizabeth said...

What a great library and what great photos.

THANKS for sharing.

ENJOY your summer. I retired from 38 years of teaching last year. It is summer all the time now. :)

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Melinda Ott said...

I love libraries! Our library is pretty new and just beautiful! We go there at least twice a week. However, since I usually have my kids with me, I don't usually get a chance to sit and enjoy it.