Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Days -- Breakfast with Miss Tinsley

I love summer! 
Summer days are terrific; 
especially when I can start them with this little cutie.
Her daddy is off at Scout Camp this week so I am the lucky one to have breakfast with her each morning this week while her mommy is at work. 

In the mean time I have also....
** explored the Valley of the Kings and figured out who killed King Tut
** been to two weddings
** checked out 30 books from the library
** worked on Math Curriculum - lots!- with my colleagues
** eaten my share of sugar ...oh well
** sat through days of classes (I am NOT used to sitting so much!)
** discovered Marco Polo
** made a list of things to do this summer
** read a book every day! 
** I have effectively ignored housework!

Now I will repent and go clean a closet!

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