Sunday, October 21, 2012

Scenes from a Week

Oh my, the scenes from the week are fun to look back on!
There are no photos of Parent - Teacher conferences, of baby Tinsley spitting up ALL over me, or of the computer chair where I spent more hours than I should have today. 
Too bad. 
They would be a good look at my reality.


What was I thinking...Kicking the scale in the bathroom is no way to act!! Seriously though, I hit it while carrying laundry and split my toenail. Ouch! Pick up your feet, my dear. Oh well, now I needed a "medicinal" pedicure to fix my owie! It's a tough life. (PS. My toes look great and my broken baby toe is healing!)

Favorite website...TeachersPayTeachers! Wow, so many creative teachers that put me to shame. (But it sure is addicting.)

Favorite product...Sugarfree Werthers candies. Yum.

I want to Remember that...Someone is ALWAYS watching (and listening!) Several experiences this week reminded me of that.

Library Log...We went down to Tucson to the Friends of the Library sale. I got two HUGE boxes of kids books for $3 EACH! 65 paperbacks and over 30 hardcovers. (That's a little over $.06 apiece!!) Of course Rich and I had to add our own choices as well. We had a blast and came home with a full trunk.

I Love this Quote... 
"Never try to lick someone when they're angry!"  
Hero Joy, age 4 

(Out of the mouths of babes...wouldn't she do well with an advice column??? Love that little grandbug!)

Best Memories of the week...
  • We went to my in-laws for dinner only to find out that they forgot we were coming!! We laughed and turned it into a dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant and had a great time! 
  • I loved picking up my little Jase after school. He was SO proud to have gotten 2 "0's" -- two Outstandings in a row! He came running to me almost bursting with excitement and pride. I wonder if my students need some more of that?!?!

My Weekly Checklist looks like this...
  • Plan for school.
  • Book Group - read faster!
  • Get-my-crafty-on and make headbands for baby Tinsley.
  • Patch and paint.Vacuum.Scrub. 
  • Grade papers.
  • Find time to read!! (seriously!)
  • Make hotel reservations for Thanksgiving. (It's right around the corner, I swear!)Don't go so fast, fall. You are my FAVORITE! 

What I know...Pumpkin bagels are delish. Date nights are still fun. My cat snores. My husband snores. I wonder if I snore. I hope not.        

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