Sunday, October 14, 2012

One dark Sunday night...

I am so behind in blogging! I haven't sat down at the computer all week. But I have....

  1. Prettied up the library!! I found the perfect relaxing giclee print, hung curtains and spruced things up some more.
  2. Shopped at Ikea.
  3. Gotten a haircut and color - thank the heavens!
  4. Read a smidge.
  5. Finished all of my report cards.
  6. Gone out to lunch.
  7. Hosted my mom and stepdad when they came to see our sweet baby Tinsley.
  8. Played almost daily with Jennie and the baby.
  9. Read another smidge.
  10. Planned Math Stations.
  11. Shopped.
  12. Bought.
  13. Read.
  14. Attended the Friends of the Library Sale in Tucson. Yippee.
  15. Snacked on Indian fry Bread and honey, "India"n samosas, roasted corn and chili, and Russian dumplings. Okay, that really doesn't sound like a snack....
  16. Attended my husband's __th High School reunion. Wow, were they old!! Just Kidding, honey!
  17. Finished 2 books. 
  18. Missed book group. Boo Hiss.
  19. Prepared a Sunday lesson.
  20. Played in the rain.
PS. I have eaten my weight in cookies and cookie dough tonight.
Can you spell tummy ache?!?!? It's a good thing I am going back to school. My pants won't fit if this keeps up ;)

It was a wonderful fall break. 
Now it's done.
I am SAD.
Parent teacher conferences here I come.
I did finally finish Gone Girl. I have thought and thought. Did I like it? Hate it? BOTH! I have stewed on it for more time than I should. Review to follow.
I did read Wonder. Review to follow. 
I did read Math Stretches. Review will NOT follow, but I WILL follow through and teach it.

On to Unwind & The Portrait of Dorian Grey! Bring on the October Book Group reads!


Susan said...

My kids were sad about October Break ending, but I wasn't :) Hee hee. We had a fun week off, I'm just ready go get back to a routine.

So, GONE GIRL -- I know it's kind of a weird book but I still really liked it. I'll be interested to see what you thought (if you can figure out how you felt about it!).

Susan said...

You had a wonderful time! And did a lot, whew. I like how you mention the cookies at the end. mmmmm dark Sunday nights are great for snacks, aren't they? I'm glad you enjoyed your break. And you got some books read!