Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall Break Sunday


Fall break    (noundefinition:  Having nothing to do and all day to do it in.

 It FINALLY arrived.
Fall Break.

What are your plans, Mrs. V? ---- Make curtains for the library, shop for Art for the walls, get my hair cut, go to Book Group, Bras for a Cause, & Ikea, play with new little Tinsley, help a friend do her report cards, meet up with my mom, sleep in and READ. That's just day one! (NOT...I do believe in pacing.)

What will you eat, Mrs V? ---- Ohhh, let's see, the State Fair starts this week so Indian Fry Bread is in order. I am craving a corn dog, a trip to The Cheesecake Factory for my dd birthday (she was busy having a baby on the real b'day!) I could also go for some Apple Cider, a pumpkin muffin and how about some movie theater popcorn? Sounds like Fall Break food to me.

What will you listen to, Mrs. V? ---- Well first of all I will enjoy some quiet...shhhhh. Hear that? It sounds nice. Then I will turn up the tunes, open the windows and welcome in fall. I've had my John Denver Pandora on this week and somehow it triggered all sorts of "fall" memories. Dreamweaver by Gary Wright, Styxx, Kansas, Cecilia and Kapono,'s like the way-back-machine just transported me to fall in the 70's!

What will you read, Mrs. V? ---- I will finish Gone Girl. I am embarrassed that it's taken this long to finish, but I only have 25 more pages, really. Then on to Coming Home Crazy by Bill Holm, Unwind by Neil Shusterman, Wonder by RJ Palacio and the lesson I have to teach on Sunday. 

How are you feeling about 7 days of Fall Break, Mrs. V? ---- Ecstatic! Relieved! Ready! Over-the-moon happy! Overjoyed! Delighted! Euphoric! Content! Blissful! Glad! Gleeful! Silly and on cloud nine!

And just because I can:  A little eye-candy before I go:

My grandson Jase got to meet his cousin, new little Tinsley! He is in love. Me too!


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Susan said...

Happy Fall Break! I'm going to be spending most of it on Lake Powell, where I hope to get LOTS of reading done. Good luck on your list. I really liked GONE GIRL (even though it's depressing and crude), loved UNWIND and was kind of so-so on WONDER. I can't wait to hear your opinion on all of these. Enjoy your free week :)