Sunday, October 28, 2012

It's 10:00pm, Do you know where your children are??

Listening.... to clicks, snores, purrs, and quiet. All the sounds of the night.

Loving.... the cool of the mornings around here. I do believe that fall has arrived. I know that some of my friends have had snow, but here we call it wonderful!! We are able to dine outside, enjoy evening walks again and actually wear a light sweater in the morning. Love it! I actually wore tights to church just for fun. Others crave wearing sandals all year and I crave wearing 'fall' clothes.

Thinking....Why am I up this late???? organized classroom and files for Christmas. I have put my request in to my husband. I do not want much...just his time to help me feel like I am in control! He has the 'organized' brain. I am the 'creative genius'! JK... But I would love his help to getting control of this problem. Any one else want to 'give' me their time and talent???

Needing....answers to some heartfelt prayers and pleas

Reading.... Unwind by Neal Shusterman and The Receptionist by Janet Groth

Favorite Things....cuddling sweet baby Tinsley, Bagel Nosh blueberry bagels, Grimaldi's pizza, date nights, football, Pinterest, folded laundry, aspen leaves, Sugar-free Werther candies and sleeping with the fan on. Mmmmm.

This Week....Book Group, Acuity testing, Halloween parade, Trick or treat! Dinner with family and a baby blessing for sweet baby Tinsley. I will be baking up a storm to help out. Also I get to take two of my favorite little bugs to see "Annie" for a special date! 
Why am I still awake?!?! This teacher needs more time for her beauty rest. Oh, I know....planning, grading and a tiny bit of Mr. Neal Shusterman are keeping this teacher from getting her beauty sleep!

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Susan said...

I'm loving these cool mornings, too! Every morning, I open the front and back doors and just let it in to freshen up the place and just give the whole house a Fall feeling. Feels amazing after the blazing hot summer temps!