Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekly Update - B.U.S.Y.

Saturday morning in one of my favorite places!!
The city library!
I student's Art work!!!
On display for the month of February!
We all feel so famous!!
In 4th grade we are celebrating Arizona's 100th birthday!!
It's a BIG deal.
Salt Dough maps to study the regions,
a parade,
a flag raising this Tuesday,
songs, histories, and more!!

(I love it that my students took some of these photos...
I think it will be a new class job. That way I don't have to remember to do it!)
Map skills....vertex edge graphing, following directions, measuring...
Math & Social Studies in one!
We're almost done.

If I had to choose a word for the week it would be B.U.S.Y.
Gosh, will there ever be a week that I don't say that???
Next week looks just as crazy - maybe crazier. Ack!!!
Remember the commercial, "Calgon, Take me away.." ?
That's how I feel.
Maybe I just need a bubble bath.

Ok, enough grousing. Now to bring you the Sunday Edition....

Outside my window... A majestic Spring morning. It was 82 degrees yesterday and although the forecast is for scattered showers and 69, you can't fool the trees, sky and birds! It's a rock-star morning outside. Wow. I love an Arizona February!

I am listening to .... KBAQ classical/baroque this morning. It just felt right. I love it when something comes on that I really know. Jase enjoys it when he hears a song he recognizes from Loony Tunes. Do they still use classical music for cartoons? Is watching Cartoon Network in my future?

Favorite things from this week ... A trip to the Poisoned Pen to hear author Deborah Crombie and meet Cathy from Kittlingbooks!! It was GREAT. I had to be very detective-like and use my Sherlock Holmes-keen tools of observation and detection. I listened for her husband's English accent. Gosh, even counting my cute man, there were only about 8 men there. That did make my job a tad easier. I must admit I was a little slow that night as we had visited our favorite pizza place, Grimaldi's, before attending. can you spell 'food coma'?!?! Nonetheless, meeting one of my blogging Super-heroes was a blast. What a great team she and her husband are. The author...well she was truly an added perk! I foresee a new addiction. A fun visit with Sara, my teammate from my old school. We filled the afternoon and early evening with sharing and stories. Thank you Starbucks for having iced herbal tea for me to drink on your patio. (I am so NOT a Starbucks person but Sara is. They do have a great patio for visiting though!!)

I am thinking ... about schedules, priorities, freedom, wants, needs, desires, time, lists, plans....big thoughts for my little brain this morning.

I am grateful for ... text messages from my daughter, a daughter in law who texts me with camp questions and advice - gotta love that!, following the inspiration to leave my old teaching position and stretch my wings, QT drinks, my in-laws, comfy blankets, fans for sleeping, basketball to fill the football void, friends, reading, Ted's Hot Dogs for lunch with my best buddy-Rich, books in my mailbox, freshly mowed grass, Tide detergent, music, and an electronic gradebook!

I am reading ... The same books as last week, but about 10 more!! I think I have book A.D.D. I went to the thrift store yesterday and found even more to bring home. "Houston, we have a problem!!" The cool thing though, I found a book I have been looking for since 2000! You should have heard my quiet celebration. I am also finishing the book Focus by Mike Schmoker for a Lit discussion at work this week. Okay, that one is a must do. BUSY week.

I am listing ... items to get for the trek this summer. More books to trade on PaperbackBookSwap. New books to add to my ever increasing TBR list. More house projects to finish AND begin!

I am creating ... lesson plans, sub plans so I can attend a mandatory workshop, new Science unit lessons, nice neat piles of folded clothes (ahhh...I love finished laundry!) mental images of clean and organized spaces. I KNOW they exist in Martha Stewart's world but not in mine!! I am trying to channel them.....ohmmm....

Plans for the week ... Science classes (again!), Valentine's Day dinner with J&K, Arizona's 100th birthday bash/party in class, Trek meeting on Thursday and a Saturday free day with my honey. I am also fondly contemplating President's Day!! Yahoo!Thank you George and Abe for having birthdays that we can celebrate with a holiday. Thanks for being men of character and conviction.

Remember, it's Love of Reading Month. Go celebrate!


Suey said...

Isn't it weird that some people are actually bored sometimes! :) Good luck with the BUSY!

I have ten more books on my pile too!

We have SNOW today! It's nice. Really. It is.

I still want an email from you about camp cooking... please?

Cathy said...

The last time I was bored, I think I was twelve. At least, that's the last time I actually said, "I'm bored!"

Looking forward to the next time we can meet! :-)