Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Sunday Edition

Outside my window... night-time winds. It's supposed to be up to 70 mph winds tomorrow. I guess it's getting ready. The day here was fabulous today, though. We had the doors open all afternoon and loved it. Steaks on the grill after church really made the house smell good too.

I am listening to .... the office clock and the silence. It's LATE around this old casa.

Favorite things from this week ... Reading My Side of the Mountain with my class. They are loving it. They can hardly wait to talk about it and defend their ideas and thoughts. It's wonderful and everything I wanted it to be for them. I adored having the three day weekend, taking care of the pups, and surprisingly enjoyed my Science Observation. My kiddos are so immune to visitors that they tune them right out. They sure showed off their 'scientist' behavior though. Proud of them. The observers were very impressed!

I am thinking ... That I have SO MUCH TO DO. No, I am not overwhelmed. Not at all. Good thing I am calm on the outside. I am trying to fool everyone. How's it working??

I am grateful for... date nights. My phone. Friends. QT. EZ Grader. Lists. Mopped floors. Bookcases. Savings accounts. Birthday boys. Leap year day. (Happy Birthday Drew-boy!) March and the Madness AND the Miracles!! Happy Birthday Paulie....Stamps and snail mail.

I am listing ... things to copy at school tomorrow. Lesson plans, sub plans, science lessons, a poetry unit and SmartBoard activities for teaching ordering decimals. That's the school list. I have lists everywhere. I wish I was more organized. I was definitely standing in the wrong line in heaven when they were passing out the Organization Gene!! I got in the big-butt line. Oops.

I am creating ... relationships. It's fun to watch them develop this year.

Plans for the week ... I feel like a broken record - - it will be a crazy-busy week, but the highlights ahead will make it fun!! I can't wait to: call #3 Son on his "7th" birthday!! Leap Year day, it is. Love that kid!! Call #2 Son on HIS birthday!! Wow, 2 good-looking birthday-boys in the same week. They loved sharing birthdays when they were growing up. (Can't believe that it will be March at the end of the week - -) Meetings, classes, teach decimals and teach them well - review, run like my hair's on fire and stop eating goldfish cheese crackers!! NOT! We go to see WICKED this Friday night. I am so excited!!! I bought a Wicked Witch Journal from Barnes & Noble this past week to get ready - Thanks, Lesa, for the recommend. I LOVE journals. It's almost Spring Break......

Have a fun week!


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

It does sound like your life is rather busy.

I feel pulled in lots of directions lately, and haven't been reading as much as I'd like to.

Suey said...

You have a leap year boy? And is he Drew? I have a Drew too, and he realized that Leap Day will be his HALF birthday, and that was enough to excite him! :)

Good luck with all your projects!

Susan said...

Hasn't it been beautiful around here lately? I love it and DO NOT want these nice, cool temps to end. Stay away, summer!