Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Sunday Edition ---Super Big Bowl Day

I would call this the SuperBowl Edition but I understand the NFL might come after me, so....I will call it the Super Big Bowl Day instead~!~

My days of making a big spread and having all the kids to watch the game with me are pretty much over. Sad! Rich is NOT a football fan but will encourage me to make our favorite snacks and spend the day/night enjoying the big game. (Gotta love that man!) So today I am getting a few goodies out, grabbing some papers to grade while watching and a book or two to keep by my side for comfort and I will hunker down to watch the Big Game. No. Other. Plans.

Outside my window... Gorgeous weather!! Cool, crisp mornings and delightful blue skies with a high in the upper 60's. I feel like a cat as I travel from sitting in one sunbeam to the next! We store up memories of this kind of weather so we can make it through July!!

I am listening to .... Pandora and my "musicals" station. I am getting ready to go see Wicked in a few weeks and I am determined to be in full voice!! Love my Pandora!! My kids at school love Pandora too. I keep it on much of the day and they call it their "brain music!"

Favorite things from this week ... A wonderful, spontaneous Saturday with my honey. We went on a journey south to a Gourd Festival and enjoyed the talents of many. The day was beautiful and full of good talk and new discoveries. I met a gentleman from Berkley who recommended a light mystery series that so far is delightful. What a fun chat with him! J&K came for dinner this week - GREAT memories, talk, and laughter! This week we made Salt Dough maps of our state in class. 33 different versions of the same recipe of salt dough amazed me! (Evidently we need to really work on following directions with parents too!) One kid ran out of flour for his recipe so his uncle told him he could substitute cake mix. His dough had sprinkles of pink and blue throughout!! (I guess his cake mix was a 'funfetti' variety.) By the end of the day his dough was swelling and growing - the baking soda in the mix was working. We had an interesting science lesson with that one - and we sent the dough home at the end of the day - unused! Gotta love 4th grade.

I am thinking ... about hobbies and talents. I've had my time to be 'creative' and have participated in quilting for 25+ years, needlework, crafts, boutiques and more.... now I don't want to do any of that but just enjoy people and reading. Some question whether that is a good use of time. Is it? That's what I'm thinking about.

I am grateful for ... relationships, Arizona winters, slippers, goldfish crackers, curiosity, comfy sweatsuits, 7-layer dip, yellow, Google calendar, my Droid phone, texting, the library, and family!

I am reading ... Still working on My Side of the Mountain with my class (they are loving it!!), Denise Swanson book entitled Murder of a Wedding Belle, House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz, and listening to Daniel Silva The Messenger. I have a few other books in different stages but this will cover it for now...haha!

I am listing ... Three lists - one for school, one for home and one for personal. Each list is long but dividing it up helps me focus. Why do I keep forgetting this simple step?!?!

I am creating ... space.

Plans for the week ... My plans for the week are so LONG that I am just going to concentrate on one day at a time. I am MOST excited about meeting Cathy at Kittlingbooks at the Poisoned Pen this week. Her work on her blog is amazing and I check it regularly. I love her Weekly Link Round Up and her Scene of the Blog. She helps me feel connected even though I spend so many hours at work. It feels like I am going to meet a Super Hero! I am also excited to go to the Pen 2 more times to hear authors speak. A trip to the Pen always means a trip to Grimaldi's for pizza too! Yahooie! (That's Arizonan for "I can't wait!") It's getting to be Tucson Festival of the Book time and the authors are pouring in! Yippee! So, although my week is jam-packed with everything to do at work and at home, this is what I'm planning....


Suey said...

Ah, you make teaching fourth grade sound like actual fun! :) Love the cake mix salt dough. I'll have to try that next time we make that stuff! LOL.

I think yes, people and reading are a perfect use of time. Perfect.

Pandora at school.. I love it. I wonder how many of my kids' teachers used music a lot? Hmmmm.... I think it's awesome.

Have fun meeting Cathy! That's so very cool!

Inside A Book said...

4th grade IS a blast! Of course, having a sugar-daddy and not having to work would be even cooler...but that hasn't happened yet! I've got to do SOMETHING to keep myself in books and out of trouble!!!

Have a super week.

Cathy said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you, too! Super Hero?!? (Psst! I'll be the one wearing the cape....)

Inside A Book said...

I Knew I'd notice you!