Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Three Day Weekend

L.O.V.E.D. it!
Three days of weekend.
Can we have this every week, please?!?!

Today was a hard one back in the ol' saddle though, I'm sad to admit.

Puppies woke me at 3:30am
(We're grand-dog sitting - they look innocent here...they really are!)
Teacher-worries kept me awake the rest of the night.
I'm wondering, did I really have a weekend?!?!?

A little retail-therapy at the bookstore has me sleeping (or at least, wishing for sleep) in style!! It's SOOO soft and I look sassy.

I'm cuddling up with The Color of Water by James McBride for BookGroup this week. Will she finish?!?!? Thursday comes fast....
I finished a wonderful book, Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick on Sunday. Wow! I saw the movie Hugo, based on The Invention of Hugo Cabret, but I had never read the book. I was hoping to get it at the library but put myself on the hold list for this one in the meantime. I'm sure glad I did. I loved it! Wonderstruck thrilled me!! I was enchanted with how powerful the pencil drawings were and how the two stories roped me in right away. The book is king sized - serious weightlifting is required for reading in bed!
I finished Murder of a Wedding Belle, a Scumble River Mystery by Denise Swanson this weekend also. This book was a lark, a recommendation from a gentleman I met at a festival last weekend. It was fun to read something that someone else so enjoyed. I thought of that nice man each time something humorous happened.

So I'm functioning on 3 hours of sleep and what the heck am I doing up??? I am determined to keep myself up as long as I can so I will sleep through the night regardless of whining puppies and teacher-worries! There's something to be said for exhaustion!

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Alyce said...

Are you going to be at the Tucson Festival of Books this year? Jill (from Rhapsody in Books) and I are trying to get a book blogger dinner together.